Blonds-only Island Resort Stirs Racism Charges

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Blonds-only Island Resort Stirs Racism Charges

There are probably more blonds in Lithuania (capital, Vilnius), Iceland and maybe Sweden than any other place on the earth.

But the blonds of tiny Lithuania (a Baltic country) have decided to turn one corner of the Indian Ocean island of the Maldives into a blonds-only resort.

The BBC reports that a Lithuanian tour operator, Olialia (“oo-laa-laa” ) wants to create a holiday resort that’ll be run by a blonds-only staff.

Even the direct flights to the Maldives from Lithuania will be staffed and piloted by blonds.

Olialia isn’t kidding.

They have the business chops to pull this off, affirms Olialia’s blond General Manager, Giedre Pukiene.

She already operates in several business sectors from software to food products and music.

Pukiene says she’s tired of all the blond jokes and wants to prove blonds are as smart if not smarter than any one else.

We suspect she’s figured out a “blonds-only resort” would get people’s attention and of course that was her real objective.

Whether it proves how smart blonds are is another issue.

All her promotional images show leggy blond ladies in improbable but sexy situations, like a science lab that seems suspiciously short on scientific activity.

The resort is scheduled to be opened in 2015, but has, predictably, drawn criticism from the Maldivians.

This beautiful island in the Indian Ocean is home to some very lovely dark-haired, dark-skin men and women who are not taking kindly to being excluded from a resort on their own island because they’re not blond.

Charges of racism and exploiting the image of blonds to promote sex were predictable.

But AOL Travel quoted Pukiene as saying her company does not discriminate. And anyway Maldivian laws require that all resort staff be 50% local hires.

But Pukiene may have contributed further to the brouhaha by saying that brunettes when they see how much fun blonds are having, dye their hair blond anyway.

How seriously anyone takes this idea remains to be seen. Could be nothing more than a shameless stunt.

But by all reports, male tourists are very excited by the idea.

Some things are so predictable.

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