Bento Gonçalves
 is a slice of Italy in Brazil's far south.  It's not overly well known outside of the country but a highly-regarded destination among Brazilians, who consider it a first-class tourist destination. This is because this city in Rio Grande do Sul state is one of the most beautiful and important in the Serra Gaucha mountain range, due to its landscapes full of vineyards and the expansive nature which make this place a most welcoming destination.


As you enter the city you will find a 17-meter portico in reference to the world of wine. Bento Gonçalves has many sites to visit, such as churches (like Cristo Rei, above), squares and monuments. Here are three of the most interesting: 

The Strapazzon Winery

A completely irregular stone house from approximately 1878, it has the characteristics of stone houses of first-generation immigrants and was adapted for this winery, where wines are produced and stored, after the construction of the new stonework residence closer to the road.

The Sheep House

A wooden mansion constructed in 1917, it's been restored by the current owners to accommodate the Sheep House, where you can sample cheeses, yogurts, sweets and other dairy products. Part of the attraction is the sheepdog demonstration as they herd the flock of sheep. A real experience!

The House of Yerba Maté

Built in an old windmill, the house seems like the starting point of a fairytale. They will demonstrate the traditional production process of mate, and the owners, the Ferrari family, will explain the whole classic preparation ritual of mate gaucho and, of course, you will have the opportunity to sample this famous drink.


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