Bel Ombre a Gorgeous Corner of Mauritius

Bel Ombre is a sparsely populated part of Mauritius whose pleasant climate attracts visitors all year round, but the best time is May to December. It is a beautiful serene gem that gives you a picture perfect day. Bel ombre trip will be the most relaxing and the peaceful trip for all. It is the place perfect for your relaxing day when you are tired hanging around at different places so you can visit here for some peace. In fact this is considered to be perfect for couples.

Though this destination has so many things to do but there are some special places to visit in Bel Ombre that are must to visit. They are gorgeous and will surely help you in making memories.

1. Rochester Falls


If anyone of you is fond of waterfalls then it is the must place to visit. The surrounding flora with the picturesque beauty makes it a perfect destination for your lovely holiday. Why not soak yourself in the gush of green cover and spend some romantic time with your loved ones here. The rocks around and the shapes of them makes the whole scenery stunning. Reaching here can be done easily with car rental bel ombre Mauritius.

2. Gris Gris Beach

Well one of the most beautiful and the magnificent beauty it is. Get yourself pleasured feels in this beach. It is a wide spread beach found in the Southern part of Mauritius. If you are fond of rocks and greenery then add this place in your bucket list, an ideal tourist spot it is that brings you very close to the nature and positive energy. Here you can also sense some hypnotizing sound of the strong waves.

3. Riviere Des Galets Beach


Being placed in between Souillac and Bel Ombre this place catches good attention. It is a Mauritian beauty with breathtaking view. Shiny boulders and the varieties of pebbles make this location amazing. You can sit along the beachline with your loved ones and enjoy the time there. The beauty of the spot is truly mesmerizing and can calm your energy and mind. This place looks absolutely stunning at the time of sunset and can give you jaw-dropping experience.

4. St. Felix Beach

Popularly named as Chemin Grenier Beach, the beach is divided into two parts where one part is more famous among tourists then the other. It is the perfect spot to be considered for beach wedding and offers the visitors great delight and charming site. The azure waters and the coral reefs makes the whole environment eye catching and the aura pleasing. The vibrant waves make it a tantalizing beauty.

5. Alexandra Falls


When it comes to doing best thing to do in Bel Ombre then sight visit is the best thing one can do. The iconic waterfalls that is located in Black River Gorges National Park gives you the pleasure of witnessing rare species of flora and fauna. You can reach the waterfall via Plaine Champagne

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