6 Tips To Avoid Road-Trip Stress


Going on a road trip -whether in a car or with a camper rental - should be all about relaxation, excitement, and leaving your worries behind. Unfortunately, there are a wide range of stress points when it comes to traveling that can creep in and cause you worry during trips. There are a wide range of issues that can come up on the road that can go a long way toward ruining your enjoyment of the journey due to stress and worry. Fortunately there are some planning tips that can work to ease the chances of these issues coming up as long as you follow them and keep your road trip as stress free as possible for you and your traveling companions.

Proper Planning

If you know exactly where you are going and where you will be stopping along the way this will go a long way toward making your journey less stressful. Of course there can always be a spontaneous aspect to travel, but as long as you sit down with a map ahead of time with your travel mates and work out your basic route, the places you will be staying, and your destinations on the road where you wish to stop and participate in activities. As long as you have the basics mapped out, you can avoid the stress of not knowing where you’re going or what you’re doing next. Basic travel structure always leads to less stress.

Budget, Budget, Budget

Easily one of the top stress points in traveling is budget. If you start running high on your budget during a trip you will end up experiencing a stress level that can easily ruin your good times. Fortunately it is easier than you’d think to avoid budget hassles. It does take discipline, but as long as you stay with it you can be fine on your budget. Before setting off on your trip sit down and go over the financials amongst your traveling group. Figure out exactly what you have to spend, then break it down between lodging, food, gear rental, and fun. This way you can all sleep easy at night knowing that as long as you are sticking to your budget everything will be fine. This will save you a ton of stress on the road.

Choose Your Travel Mates Wisely

There is nothing like a disgruntled fellow traveler or an argument to cause stress during a road trip. This is why you should always choose your traveling companions wisely. When you head out on the road make sure to take only those who you have traveled with previously and gotten along with in a campervan rental situation, plus close friends and family that you can trust. This will cut down on the chances for arguments and other hassles when out on the road.

Pack Well

Running out of gear or food can be a major point of stress on a road trip. If you run out of food halfway through a trip, for example, you will then have to buy food and this will kill your budget, resulting to arguments and bad vibes on the road. For this purpose you will always need to pack enough food, supplies, gear, and other needed items to keep you and your travel mates comfortable and happy on the trip.

Where To Camp

Road travel can be wearing, so when bringing a camper it's always important to book camping spots that are comfortable and enjoyable for you and all the members of your traveling team. You want camps that are close to all the activities you wish to engage in plus are clean and well serviced to make your stay comfortable. As long as you have this in place you will be able to unwind and enjoy and lose some of that stress that comes about during road travel.


Of course one of the top stress factors on any road trip can be an accident or mishap. For this reason safety should play a major role in your travel planning. Make sure to have a first aid kit on hand to patch up any minor injuries. Take precautions to avoid accidents both on the road and during your chosen outdoor activities. Pack tools to fix any minor engine troubles so you can be back up and running without becoming stranded. Getting stuck on the road or having to take a side trip to a hospital will obviously cause lots of stress, so if you can cut down on your chances then you will be cutting down on potential stress points.

There are lots of ways that stress can seep in during a campervan rental trip. As long as you make sure to pack well, plan your route accordingly, take safety precautions, and choose your travel partners wisely you will be going a long way toward cutting down on stress and enjoying your trip to the max.