5 Things 'Sherlock' Taught Me About Travel


Sherlock Holmes was such a beloved character even during Arthur Conan Doyle's life that when the author - sick and tired of his creation - tried to kill him off, the public outcry was of so epic a magnitude that Conan Doyle had no other choice but to bring the detective back from the dead. It is, therefore, not surprising, that over half a century after Arthur Conan Doyle's death, his works and their adaptations continue to enjoy such popularity. There are many things one can learn from watching BBC's Sherlock (not the least of which that Moffat likes to torture his audience - as if we didn't know), but here is what Sherlock taught me about travel.

Get Help From Of The Baker Street Irregulars - When planning your holidays, it's not usually hard to come across a lot of information. Gone are the days when you actually had to buy a guide if you wanted to learn more about a destination; now you can simply go online and learn everything you ever wanted to know about Portugal and more in the time it takes you to read a Wikipedia entry. But the types of information have also changed. Don't just look for tourism sites and travel agencies. Look for forums, blog posts, twitter feeds. Factual information is great, but it can't hold a candle to tips from real people.

Use Pants To Visit The Queen (Unless Your Last Name Is Holmes) - What is considered proper attire varies a lot from country to country, and depends not only on the country itself, but also on the sort of place you're visiting. For instance, it's common sense that you probably shouldn't wear the same to a church that you wear to the beach, but there are occasions when it isn't always clear that you should dress a certain way. Learn about what is considered respectful locally and abide by that.

He May Look Like Molly's Harmless Boyfriend But He's Actually A Criminal Master Mind - Meeting new people is all part of the fun of travelling. Despite that, you should be cautious and exercise good sense. If you're visiting a place with someone you have just met, make sure you stick to places with lots of people around. Also, don't give them more information about yourself than is reasonable for a short-time acquaintance (your e-mail is fine; your home address and social security number are probably a bit too much).

Cuffs Get In The Way Of Running - More than the perfect moment for a bit of fangirling, the occasion when Sherlock and John have to run away cuffed to each other is actually a pretty good metaphor for what it sometimes feels to travel with someone else (or is it just me?). When travelling with someone, it's important to account for different tastes, opinions and ideas of what constitutes an ideal holiday. Rather than each trying to tug the rope their own way, learn to compromise. Discover what things both find enjoyable and make allowances for the other person's opinions and interests when making shared plans. Don't be afraid to schedule some alone time for yourself as well. Just because you're travelling together, it doesn't mean you have to be in each other's company 24/7.

How Could Mycroft Run The Country Without His Smartphone - Sometimes it feels like technology is running our lives, and in a way it really is. But in many ways, technology does make life far more convenient. When you travel, a smartphone is like a small laptop that fits in your pocket and where you can carry a whole world of information. It allows you to show off your holidays on Facebook, update your Twitter feed or even browse Tumblr while waiting for the bus. Instead of making physical copies of your documents, simply scan them at home and email them to yourself, so they're always available to you should you need them. Many smartphones even have GPS, so you never need fear getting lost.

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