4 Offbeat Places to Visit in Park Street Kolkata

4 Offbeat Places to Visit in Park Street Kolkata

Park Street of Kolkata is an important access route in Kolkata. It is officially known by the name - Mother Teresa Sarani. The street starts at Chowringhee road or JL Nehru and goes till Park Circus crossing. Park Street is popular as the place that never goes into hibernation mode. It is full of activities and noise. Because of this reason, it is a prominent hangout spot in the city. Some major routes originate or intersect from here. There are many pubs, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, malls and eatery joints for people to enjoy. If you are from Delhi, you can book Delhi to Kolkata flight to reach here, and for accommodation, there is a wide range of budget-friendly to expensive hotels in Kolkata. So in this post, let’s look at some of the best offbeat places you can visit.


Purchase Books and Mags

Park Street has some popular bookstores, such as the exemplary Oxford Bookstores, the family book shop, indie favourite, and the bizarre cat-themed Bingsha Shatabdi. It gets more exciting when you walk down the park hotel to Bar-B-Q, and there are next-level varieties of books.


The nostalgic moments at Giggles

This magnificent institute of Kolkata once used to draw many youngsters and still does. The place charms the youth with the presence of the 90’s era board games, greeting cards, fridge magnets, and snow globes. Although it had been shut for a while, it reopened last year. The charm of this place is amazing, and for youngsters who visit it, it’s a nostalgic feeling to revisit the 90s.


The India Hobby Centre

It is a toy shop at the intersection of Park Street and Russel Street. This shop originated in the 1950s and is a one-stop shop for all things hobby. It has many hobby sets and quirky collectables such as coins, stamps, and retro aircraft assembling kits. But presently, it is left with only a few shelves of game sets. It’s a fact that it is not what it was earlier, but still visiting this place is a thrill and full of excitement.


Marvel over Antiques at Victor Brothers

The Victor Brothers in the Park street of Kolkata is one of the oldest auction houses. It is situated close to the post office on park street. It resembles somewhat Miyazaki’s stinky river spirit. Some of the antiques you may discover here include the treasures such as Victorian tea sets and plates chipped and dirt-laden original Ming vases, stately vintage chandeliers, grandfather clocks, and brownie cameras. Even if you don’t want to indulge in any purchases, you can still go for just window shopping to experience these fantastic antiques or treasures.

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