4 Best Architectural Wonders to Visit in India

4 Best Architectural Wonders to Visit in India

The history of our India dates back almost 5000 years or more. During this time, India developed into a rich cultural diversity and heritage hub. Different dynasties have their periods in Indian history; during their periods, they have built a number of architectural wonders. In this post, we will look at some of our country’s best architectural wonders. There are cheap flight and hotel booking options for travellers who can book at the HappyEasyGo website or app to travel to those places. Now let’s begin.


Ruins of the Vijayanagara empire, Hampi


A renowned UNESCO world heritage site, the magnificent city of ruins, is the most charismatic and vivid of all the ruins in Karnataka. It also boasts of some exquisite examples of temple architecture of that period. It was one of the largest empires in the history of India, and one can still see its splendour in its ruins. The kings of the Vijayanagar empire were great appreciators of art & architecture, as is evident from the enormous ruins. So if you want to visit Hampi and reside in Delhi, then book a Delhi to Bangalore Flight from happyeasygo.


Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh


It is the oldest and largest monastery in India. Situated just 2 km from the town, it is the whole of Tawang valley’s social, cultural, and spiritual epicentre. In Tibet, people call it “Gaden Namgyal Lhatse”, which means “the divine paradise of complete victory”. The monastery comprises residential buildings for the monks, a library, a museum, and a school for primary education. There is an 8 m high gilded statue of Lord Buddha which is the centre of attraction in the sanctum.

Meenakshi Temple, Madurai


It is one of India’s oldest and most prominent temples because of its historical and mythological significance. People also call it “Minakshi-Sundareshwara Temple” because, according to legends, Lord Shiva took the form of Sundareshwar and married Parvati (Meenakshi) at the spot where the temple is situated. Because of its astonishing and intricate structure, the temple was nominated for the “Seven Wonders of the World”, although it couldn’t make it to the list. But it certainly is one of the wonders of India.

Konark Sun Temple, Orissa


The Konark Sun Temple is an architectural marvel of Eastern India and a symbol of India’s heritage. It is also one of the prominent tourist attractions and houses a grand temple devoted to the sun god. The word “Konark” consists of two words – ‘Kona’ and ‘Arka’, where ‘Kona’ means ‘Corner’, and ‘Arka’ means ‘Sun’, so it combines to become ‘Sun of the Corner’. The temple is located on the north-eastern corner of Puri. People also call the temple “Arka Kshetra”.

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