It's still winter, of course, and we've been reading about (and a lucky some of us even participating in) the frosty fun for which Europe's most extensive mountain range system is famous. But summer is coming, too, and it's not too early to consider your getaway options. The Alps provide a great way to enjoy your holiday with family and friends, and you will find it a fantastic experience and opportunity for bonding.

There's a lot to choose from, because, they stretch approximately 1,200 km across eight countries (from east to west): Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland and France. But if I had to choose my top favourites, it's these four:


4932238832_3e66d247d3.jpg?width=500&profile=RESIZE_930xÉric Fournié


Outdoor Relaxation & Hiking in Austria's Wilder Kaiser

The Austrian Tourist Board offers opportunities for great value holidays and they are often discounted, with free transport to some places. The Wilder Kaiser (¨Wild Emperor¨) region in northeastern Tirol provides an enticing programme to the mountainous regions with its intimidating cliffs not very different from Italy’s Dolomites.The area is also strewn with beautiful ski villages like Soll, Ellmu, Scheffau and - wait for it - Going! There are various entertaining projects for visitors, including the extensive e-bike system which is purported to be the largest in the world with 275 electric bikes.




                                Gin-Lung Cheng


Extra Stunning Scenery in Slovenia

This small Balkan country offer attractive cycling holidays, which can be expensive at times. However, visitors can simply indulge in other activities such as camping or self—guided scenery watching. If you are a nature lover, Slovenia doesn’t disappoint. Take the circular route to enjoy the massifs and massive expanse of layered greenery in the villages. Slovenia’s forests also provide a beautiful display of animal fauna. If you are an avid bird watcher, you can easily spot the colourful Eurasian Wryneck in its natural habitat, along with the middle-spotted woodpecker. The 147-mile route includes the Karawanke mountains and the Kranjska Gora resort.





Trekking France's Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc is perhaps Europe’s most renowned long-distance trek. It loops around the Mont Blanc massifs, stretching across a distance of about 170 km, with parts of it looping into Italy and Switzerland. Many experienced trekkers have considered it to be the most challenging of all trails. There are no 360-virtual tours for the experience yet, but to get an idea of the whole experience there are YouTube videos available. If you choose to go, you can go the DIY route with planning or talk to guided tour experts with experience in organising Tour Du Mont Blanc holidays such as Salamander Adventures, operators of the site.



                               Lucas Richarz


Design Hotels and Family Activities in Bavaria

A collection of activities known as the “Sight Sleeping Hotels ” have been organised by the Bavarian Tourist Board. The experience provides tourists with a scenic visual attraction with places such as palaces, buildings and castles with a remarkable artwork or interior décor. In Upper Bavaria, a popular artist and landscape architect owns the Am Eichholz Galerie und Art Hotel. His original works can be seen on the walls, and there is also a gallery not too far from the building.

There is always something new to see whenever you travel to the Alps!  And as you experience your holiday to the utmost, do remember to take plenty of photos for the sake of posterity and fond memories. 


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