3 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Yacht Size

Do you know the right size of yacht that suits you?

If you don’t, then this post is perfect for you. This post will discuss the importance of knowing and choosing the right yacht size for your sailing needs. Purchasing a yacht without knowing the right yacht size to look for is a common mistake among first-time yacht buyers. This leads to stress, hassles, and unwanted delays. To avoid all that, you simply need to ensure that you already know the right yacht size to look for.

But how do you even know the right yacht size to look for?

It is very simple and easy to do. So much so that we have fully researched it and we’re willing to share all such data with you. We talked to experts and it turns out that you essentially need to consider three things when figuring out the right yacht size for you.

3 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Yacht Size

Factor #1: Inspection

You should never refer to photos alone. You should get a feel of the yacht that you want in a physical and tangible way. This can only be possible if you’re going to do inspections. In an inspection, you'd easily determine the kind of yacht that you want and the right size that you want it to be in. You’d get to decide on the right yacht size for you if you’d personally inspect differently sized yachts and observe the following:

  • rooms – the right yacht size will have the right number of rooms that you need
  • amenities – the right yacht size will have all the amenities that you need
  • facilities – the right yacht size will have the proper space for all essential facilities (kitchen, bathroom, comfort room)

Factor #2: Introspection

You need to take time to reflect on yourself and what you truly want. This is important as you need to know if you actually know what you’re getting into. Why do you want a yacht? What are you going to use it for? Are you ready to have a lifestyle that can incorporate all the responsibilities and obligations of a yacht owner? Can your current lifestyle afford a yacht’s maintenance costs? Do you want a big yacht? If yes, why? If not, then why not opt for a small yacht?

All the answers to such following questions will be able to allow you to come up with just the right factors to consider when looking for the right yacht with the right size. If you’re planning to live on your boat, then it’s best to choose one that will allow you to live and move comfortably on a daily basis. PRO TIP: It is very uncomfortable to be sailing on a small boat when the weather is nasty.

Factor #3: Accommodation

This is a very important expert tip that you should fully contemplate. You need to be meticulous and particular with the kind of sleeping space that you want. To do this, answer the following question:

  • Will you be sailing on your own or with your family?
  • How many rooms will you need?
  • What kind of privacy do you prefer?
  • How big do you want your sleeping space to be?

If you will be staying on your yacht for long periods, you would need one that comes with lots of cabins. You will also need one with lots of cabins if you’d have multiple guests. You will also need to consider if you will have enough space for storage.


Advantages of Buying a Big Boat

A big yacht will allow you to have more cabins. As you will have more cabins, you’d be able to bring in more crew and guests with you. You’d also be comfortable if you’d be living on your yacht for long periods. This is why most people still prefer super and mega yachts for sale as such can accommodate all their extra personal needs.

You need to take note though that bigger yachts are more expensive than smaller yachts. As they are bigger, they will also cost you more when it comes to maintenance. A rough estimate on how much it would cost you would be to find the 10% of your boat’s cost. Such value would be the amount that you’d need on a yearly basis to maintain a big yacht. The following are also points that you need to consider if you’d opt for a big yacht:

  • you will have to spend more on storage fees
  • you will have a hard time when it comes to navigating tight spaces
  • you will need an expert sailor when you need to navigate tight spaces
  • they can be prohibited in some cruising areas due to the fact that they are made of a deep draft

Advantages of Buying a Small Boat

You won’t have to spend so much if you’d opt for a smaller yacht. You also won’t spend extra when for storage. However, you would have to deal with the following:

  • you won’t be able to bring many guests with you
  • sailing can be uncomfortable if you’re already above 5-feet sea level
  • you will have limited space
  • it is not ideal for parties and events
  • it may not have enough space for special occasions
  • they are slower in speed as they have smaller engines
  • you will have a harder time when it comes to handling strong waves