Some of the 18-hole golf links in Dallas, Texas feature 6,630 yards of great courses where golfers can play par 71 championship games. These links will give you a tough challenge, but are extremely fun to play. In the Dallas area, golf courses have continued to delight patrons with elevated greens, exciting games and a verdant mix of towering trees, lakes and marshlands. If you think that only physical strength will do the trick, then you are wrong.  You may have exceptional physical skills, but without adequate focus you will remain an average golfer. Golf is a slow game and decisions can’t be taken in split-seconds like in other fast-paced games. When it comes to golf, you need precision and careful planning before making each and every shot. You first need to get your basics right as well as be mentally strong while playing.

9009009272?profile=originalHere are 10 ways to stay focused in an exhilarating round of golf:

1. Warm Up and Get Busy in Some Practice Shots

Before the game begins, be wise to warm up. You can start your day with a little stretching to relax your muscles. It will help you make long, better and smooth swings with maximum club head speed and maximum arc. You can try a few practice shots too. Begin with the pitching edge and then proceed to a short iron, long iron, fairway wood and driver. Take this practice session seriously. Hit the golf ball professionally as you would do during the actual game. Be focused on your target.

2. Consider Every Hole as the First Hole

When you are playing on a difficult 18-hole golf course in Dallas, think of every hole as the first hole. It is difficult for players to succeed with a tee shot on a hole, especially if they have scored poorly on a preceding hole. Forget about the bad holes the moment you are done with them.

3. Don’t Let Distractions Affect Your Performance   

Some golf courses in the Dallas area can spoil your game with a lot of distractions. A sudden gust of wind, water birds swimming and splattering in the beautiful lakes, twittering of birds perched on the surrounding trees, golf carts moving past and chattering of other golfers are a few to mention. Erase all such distractions from your mind when you are ready to hit the ball. Think that nothing exists except the ball and your target.

4. Focus on Your Breathing

When you are ready to hit the ball and standing over it, take note of your breathing. If you cease to breathe temporarily before the shot, or taking short breaths, be wise to step away a little from the ball. Take a number of slow, deep breaths to feel composed. This will make you feel relaxed and focus better during a game of golf.

5. Learn to Love the Challenges

The game of golf is unpredictable. If not, no professional player would have ever missed a green, a fairway or a putt. A golfer may also be plagued with wrong swings, imperfections in the grass and badly-timed bounces. Therefore, if you are heading for a golfing tournament in Texas, learn to accept these challenges rather than avoiding them. Respond optimistically to unavoidable misfortunes and slips . This is the best way to brave the challenges.

6. Have Your Goals Set

Before hitting the links, make sure that you know your goals and what you want to achieve. Be wise to set goals that are pragmatic and attainable for each round. For example, you can break an 18-hole course into six different groups of three holes. This means that a poor score on a certain hole will affect a three-hole group.  If you want to shoot 3 over par on the initial three holes, but couldn’t make more than 2 strokes over par, you have realized your primary goal.

7. Focus More on the Short Game

Think more about your short game and exert more effort towards it. Be a smart golfer by saving strokes around the greens even if the tee shots are off on a particular day. Get inspired by thinking about how the best PGA golfers in Dallas have made the most out of short games to post better scores.

8. Figure out What Made You Play Well in A Round  

You perform well in some rounds while in others, you fail to score high. Keep track of your performance. Determine what made you swing better in any particular round. You can take lessons from a professional player after a good round of golf. An expert golfer will ask you about your swing shots and what techniques you employed to roll the ball to the target hole. A professional will tell you exactly where you went wrong and how to rectify your mistakes. Note down these suggestions and implement them before you are ready for the next round.

9. Improve Your Skills with Scoring Clubs

With scoring clubs, you target holes and try to sink the golf ball into them. This implies that you need to be adept with the clubs. The key to the success of your shots depends on how you use your clubs. This decides whether you will play like an amateur or pro in the future. Practice as much as you can with your scoring clubs to shoot in the 80s like ace performers. As an expert golfer, you will know how to control trajectory, distance and the spin of each shot you hit with the scoring clubs.

10. Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

Don’t allow negative thoughts to spoil the game.  Avoid thoughts like ‘I may not score fairly in all the rounds’ or ‘What if miss a target’, or ‘My swing was poor in the previous round’. Stop speculating about these things in the middle of a round and avoid analyzing the shots that you have already taken. Instead, focus on the shot you are going to take. Once the shot is taken, think about it and how you performed.

If you choose to play a challenging round in the Dallas area, golf courses will offer you pretty good holes to help you score well provided you are focused. Even you aren’t able to perfect it at the first go, be assured that you are going to improve gradually, over time.