10 Popular Water & Amusement Parks in Gujarat

10 Popular Water & Amusement Parks in Gujarat

Summers in Gujarat are long and exhausting. When it comes to going out with the family, we are prone to being careless and abandoning the concept entirely. What if we told you that you could go somewhere where you could have not one, but numerous exciting things to do while simultaneously beating the heat? Yes, we are discussing water parks throughout the state. You must be aware that there are several, and this is intended to give you all a gentle shove to visit one of these water parks and have a fun day. Here is a list of Beautiful And Interesting Water Parks to Visit in Gujarat.

S Cube Water Park


This is where you can go to the S Cube Water Park and have a good time on the water rides with your family. The S Cube Water Park features thrilling rides such as Columbus, Paddle Boating, the Giant Wheel, and many other attractions that will allow you to spend an amazing day with family and friends. The Food Court here has a wide variety of tasty food products to satisfy your hunger pains in between your planned breaks. At the entrance, you will be given a belt that serves as your official ticket to all parts of the park.

The Enjoy City

Looking for a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life? Then schedule a vacation to The Enjoy City and have a great time exploring the different rides, including Aqua Fabula, Zombie Slide, 3 Body Slider, Zoomer Slide, Open Float Slider, Aqua Slide, Tunnel Float Slider, Aqua Wave Pool, Wizard Size 6 Lane, and many more. For the little ones, there is also a Kids Water Park. It’s up to you whether you

want to float down the Lazy River or dance to the upbeat beats of the Rain Dance. The thrilling ride does not end here. If you go to the Amusement Park, you can ride the Roller Coaster, Drope, Sea Octopus, Water Shoot, Sky Swinger, Kangaroo Hop, Flying Swinger, Swinging Animal, Sky Copter, Sky Wheel, and Miniature Golf. This water park is added in most of the Gujarat Tour and Travel Packages.

Maniar’s Wonderland

This season, cool down at Maniar’s Wonderland, where exhilarating water coasters and slides will keep the fun quotient high all day. If you think that all water parks are the same, you should know that some of the enjoyable activities you can do here include Entertainment and Food for Everyone. Water Roller, Water Ball, Zip – lining, Water Spray, Disco Dance Bumping Car, Dune Biking, Zorb, Masti Planet, Sit and slide Joy Train, Jumping Jacks, Fun House, Play Zone, Crazy Car, Joy Boats, Wonder Chair, Slingshot, and many other attractions. That’s a lot of options to pick from. This is the only spot in Gujarat with a Snow Park.

Ajwa Fun World


Make your day a fun-filled experience at India’s largest and most magnificent amusement park, which spans 30 acres. Ajwa Fun World boasts a massive 26 high-end amusement attractions that will transport you to a world of complete darkness in tube rides, water coasters, and virtually free falls that will send your excitement skyrocketing.

Jaldhara Water World

Jaldhara Water World, an ideal family location, is one of the major water tourist spots in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, featuring Musical Aqua Dance, Splash Pool, and much more to give as a promise for an interesting and unforgettable day at the park.Jaldhara Water Park, built on an area of ​​15000 sq. Km. ft. near the green settings of Kankaria Lake, it includes 15 water activities to keep you happy all day long. Do not pass up the opportunity to enjoy a magnificent Gujarati lunch at the dining hall where food is supplied by trains.

Shanku’s Water World Resort

Shanku’s Water World is a family-oriented themed water park with a myriad of fun attractions for people of all ages. If you are tired and need to rest, choose a comfortable chair and rest until your energy levels return to keep you hydrated. While adults can enjoy water activities such as Zip Zap Zoom, Aqua Tube, Wave Pool, Shankus Twister, Aqua Shuttle, Racing Slide, Tumble Jumble, Lazy River, and Rain Dance, children will enjoy Kiddies Corner and Kids Planet I and II.

Splash The Fun World

Splash The Fun World, situated on the suburbs of Ahmedabad, is a popular hangout for families on vacation. The park, which spans 12 acres, has water sports facilities as well as more than 25 thrills for people of all ages. Admission tickets can be purchased on the official website using a credit card or net banking. More than ten tickets can be purchased by purchasing a credit card. If you have your own swimsuit, you can bring it to the park, but make sure it is polyester or elastic. You can also rent a swimsuit from the park. Don’t forget to add this water park in your Gujrat local Tour Packages.

Amaazia Water Park


Plan a small trip at Amaazia Water Park, where you will feel as if you have stepped into a fantasy. The colour splash all around the park is not only humorous but also inviting. The park, which features rides from Italy, Germany, and Switzerland, spans 16 acres. The Sanderson Group, the creators of Sea World (Canada), and Warner Brothers Movie Studio created the park (Australia). You can also visit India’s first indoor integrated amusement park, which features numerous entertainment zones under one roof. King Cobra, Twister, Forest Jump, KamiKaze, Tribal Bend, Wendigo, Jungle Boat, Wildcraft, Blackhole, Carnival

Beach, Sky Slider, Freefall, and many other rides are worth a chance. For children, there is its own Pond of Life where they may meet and greet various types of life and have a good time.

Swapna Srushti Water Park

If the temperature is bothering you, head to the Swapna Srushti Water Park, which is the only one to have received National and International Excellence Awards for three years in a row as recognition for its remarkable work in the entertainment industry. Swapna Srushti Water Park is a pollution-free zone where you may revel in the aqua thrills and splash some water whether you choose to experience the Longest Family Rides, Kargil, Safe Cyclone, or the spectacular Rain Dance @Aqua Dance. If you wish to spend more time with the 7 Wonders of the World at the Water Park, there is also a lodging option.

Vaibhav Water World


This fantastic amusement park has 36 Water Rides that will charm you in their enchanting web of fun and pleasure. There will never be a dull moment if you plan a day at Vaibhav Water World. Enter the water kingdom and discover how quickly you can slide while you cool off on a hot summer day. Vaibhav Water World has everything for a fun-filled day, whether it’s water rides, kiddie rides, classic amusement rides, gourmet food, or interesting activities.

With so many locations to relax described above, the summer appears to be promising. Make a plan for where to go first and spend a wonderful day at any of these Gujarat leisure sites. Outdoor water parks allow you to soak up the rays while relaxing with the family and making some loud sound for a fun, active day. While the parks feature both wet and dry slides, they also include a variety of other athletic facilities and top-notch dining halls and elegant food courts to keep visitors delighted.

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