10 Best Beaches in Thailand

10 Best Beaches in Thailand

The land of Smiles, Thailand truly spread smiles on the faces of its visitors by offering the best palm-fringed and exotic beaches. This Southeast Asian country is a perfect place to explore if you are a beach person who loves to engage in thrilling water sports activities, relax on soft sands and soak up the wonderful views. There are plenty of beaches in Thailand, some crowded while some secluded, some perfect for thrilling water activities and some perfect for relaxing. We have made it easier for you, Check out these 10 blissful beaches and choose the one that suits you perfectly! 

Nai Harn Beach

A quiet, small, and not overly crowded beach Nai Harn is one of Thailand's nicest beaches. This pristine length, surrounded by beautiful green hills, is a captivating retreat for a peaceful dip and is a must visit on your Thailand holiday packages

Year-round is the best time to visit.

Famous for: The Royal Phuket Yacht Club on Nai Harn Beach is a popular destination for visitors. The main attractions of Nai Harn are the incredible array of eateries serving authentic Thai cuisine and the beach massage parlours.


Kata Noi Beach


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This beach, known for its breathtaking vista, is ideal for a lengthy barefoot walk along the silky sand while watching the sunset. It's one of Thailand's most stunning beaches.

November to April is the best time to visit.

It's well-known for being a popular surfing and snorkelling area. Surfboards may be leased at the beach stores, and you can even obtain surfing lessons if you need it.

Railay Beach

cave near the beach

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This enchantingly lovely Thai beach is a must-see on your vacation. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the mainland and relax on this secluded beach surrounded by massive limestone cliffs and lush vegetation. Railay Beach has something for everyone, from the most daring to those who simply want to rest in paradise.

Year-round is the best time to visit.

Rock climbing, snorkelling, diving, elephant trekking, white water rafting, sea kayaking, and jungle trekking are all popular activities at Railay Beach.

Phra Nang Beach

It had to be on our list of the greatest beaches in Thailand because it was just voted one of the top 10 beaches in the world. This location is certain to provide you with breathtaking scenery and sunsets. With magnificent cliffs on either end of the beach, you can try leaping off into the water for a thrilling experience!

Year-round is the best time to visit.

Famous for: Delicious beachside food and BBQ, kayaking, snorkelling, and the best swimming beach in the area. You don't want to miss out on the greatest, do you?


Sunrise Beach

Sunrise Beach is a well-known beach in Thailand, recognised for its breathtaking views. Relax in the opulence of the amazing hotels and resorts that border the beach.

November to April is the best time to visit.

Sunrise in Koh Lipe is Thailand's nicest beach, and it's well-known for snorkelling because of the abundance of beautiful marine life swimming in all directions.

Thong Nai Pan Noi  Beach 

brown wooden beach signage on beach during daytime

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Thong Nai Pan Noi has a bohemian air and is an incredibly welcoming beach with helpful people and several nice pubs and eateries. This gently curved white sand beach is truly a beach lover's heaven and is considered one of Thailand's best.

Famous for: Known for its beach bars and friendly residents, this location is ideal for surfing and swimming.

Karon Beach

The longest beach on Phuket island, which feels like it's never crowded, is number seven on our list of the most stunning Thai beaches. Enjoy an endless stroll along the gorgeous shoreline with a breathtaking panoramic view of the sea.

Famous for: Some of the best snorkelling and diving places in the world may be found here. It's also known for parasailing, which offers a breathtaking bird's eye view — an unforgettable experience!

Freedom Beach

With blue ocean and white sand, Phuket's Freedom Beach is a jewel in its own right. It's one of the few popular Thai beaches, surrounded by hills and jungles and home to a variety of unusual marine species.

Year-round is the best time to visit.

Known for: It's recognised for its turquoise ocean and sunbathing and snorkelling are popular activities. Aside from that, two tiny goals are provided for a game of beach soccer, and beach volleyball is also accessible. What more could you possibly want?


The Long Beach

The Long Beach boasts the softest and purest white sand on the island, with spectacular views of the Phi Phi Leh. It's worth it to see sea eagles and monkeys in their natural habitat. It is, without a doubt, one of Thailand's best beaches.

Famous for: The nearby Tonsai village, which serves authentic Thai cuisine and is also known for its nightlife, is a major attraction. This location provides everything you need to feel happy!

Laem Tong Bay

The quiet and serene surroundings of Laem Tong Bay are great for relaxing. The bamboo island, the mosquito island, and the Hin Klang can all be seen from the beach, but they are too far away to swim to.


Isn’t it tough to choose just one perfect beach to visit in Thailand from all these amazing beaches? What I suggest to you is to visit all of them and explore the difference between each, that sounds incredible, right! Thailand has always been a spectacular destination for everyone. So, when are you planning to have a trip to Thailand?