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Accommodating your clients at Kiev hotels is becoming more difficult. Prices are going up each year, but the quality of services, booking and control overt he booked rooms are not becoming any better.

Apartments are selected and build especially for foreign guests. The lever of the services will never go beyond 3 star hotels. At the same time none of the 5 star hotels can match with our number of free services and bonuses. They have their own standard – nice room with free coffee or tea and satellite TV. For an apartment standard means – spacey nice apartment only right in the center with free local phone calls, free high speed internet and of course tea and coffee and satellite TV are present in our apartments. Here is what we can compare to make it more obvious:



Hotel Room in Kiev






From  $60 up to $150 per night with a term gradation for the long term

$120 - $350 per night, less expensive hotels are located far off from the city center


Spacey area – from 20 м2 for the smallest studio rooms and up to до 150м2 for 3 rooms apartment

Standard double room for two – 20 м2


Comfortable for 2-6 people – depending on the size of the apartment

Comfortable only for 1-2 people


Set of the services from visa support, transfers, tours, shopping and etc

Check in and registration











Feel yourself home and do not change any habits.

All apartments are unique and you can choose the one that is more looks like your own

-          comfortable furniture, big( king and queen size) beds



-          tea, coffee, electrical tea pot, all kitchen supplies, hair dryer, iron, iron board, personal slippers, soap.

-          All apartments have their own boilers –you have hot water all the time

-          All apartments have air conditions

-          No limits on your guests



-          Cleaning each 5 days or upon request

-          standard rooms with standard set of furniture: bed(s), few stands, TV, bath

-          big beds are only in 4-5 star hotels from 300$ and up per night

-          no kitchen

-          in most of the hotels still no hot water during the summer season

-          air condition also only in 4-5 hotels or at the 3 star where the price starts from 200$

-          no guests or limits on guest and time of visits

-          cleaning every day

Stay connected

- most of the apartments have work area
- direct local phone number
- high speed internet
- free cell phone rentals

- in most of the hotels the only place to meet is to rent a conference room or lobby
- all phone services ad not free and expensive
- no free internet





- all local phones calls are free
- direct Kiev phone number
- free high speed internet

- chargeable local phone calls
- do direct number to your hotel room-
- average price per internet in Kiev hotels are 10$ per hour

Rest area




- comfortable furniture
- video, DVD
- CD player

- bed, chair, TV -  minimum comfortable furniture


- fully equipped kitchen
- all kitchen necessities: tea pot, fridge, frying pen, pots, salt, sugar, tea, coffee, cups and glasses

- no kitchen
- expensive restaurants at the hotels






- un named discount card for the future visits

- free Delta miles for each $ you spend with

- free transfers ( see conditions)

- named discount card ( no one can use but you


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  • 9 years have passed since your post but the prices haven't changed, though sometime you can get a special offer and pay less than $100 for a standard double room in the 4 star hotel in the city center. at least that's the deal I've got from the Premier Palace hotel in Kyiv. I just checked their special offers website page. And I think you can find similar offers almost on every hotel website, of course if these hoteliers are actually trying to get new clients but creating such offers. Still, you can even find a good room for over $60, though not in a city center, but you can easily get around the city by the underground.

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  • Very good tread! You've got a point!
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