• A service fee should be charged though one ought to be fair on the amount to be charged.
  • If we charged according to time spent then they couldn't afford us. I know I'm priceless!
  • Absolutely charge a fee, especially when working on FIT's or with new clients on other types of travel. The fee should be non refundable and payable as you start work on their project.

    We have all seen clients leave for a dollar or two. They think twice when it's a few hundred, and it's theirs!

    I too was a bit uncomfortable when I began to charge several years ago. It has however, served me in good stead.

    And I never ever discount! Add shipboard credit or something else if you must, but discounting not only hurts you, it hurts the whole industry.

    Nancy Jaeger, CTC
    Travel Power, Inc.
  • Absolutely! I was among the first to charge a fee, and I look back with amazement at how nervous I was. Charging a fee frees you up enormously - I can use companies and properties that pay commission or pay no commission. And it makes our industry appropriately look more professional in clients' eyes...I feel this strongly. Does a CPA work for free? Does an attorney? And please oh please don't discount - that hurts all of us in the business and means you are letting yourself be taken advantage of.. You want to build loyalty for providing a good VALUE, and that doesn't always mean 'cheapest.' Clients will not stay with you based on cheap - they will go to whoever can do it yet cheaper next time, rather than appreciating you for your professionalism, care and service.

    Sally Watkins, CTC (Certified Travel Counselor)
    "The A-List: Top 125 Travel Super-Agents" Travel+Leisure Magazine,
    2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
    Century Travel and Cruises, since 1982
    2714 Bee Cave Rd. Suite 101, Austin, TX78746
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    Board Member, Association of Retail Travel Agents
  • sometimes I think yes because of all the hassles clients have put me through and never booked, and sometimes I think no. I'm trying to build a client base and I think unless I have a really high end clientele, which I don't, they will look elsewhere. I never have. As a matter of fact, I always discount just to get the business. Sometimes that doesn't even work.
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