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  • The orphanage work program is highly challenging and rewarding, as you will be changing the lives of orphaned children who rarely receive opportunities to interact with other people. Share love and care for innocent, troubled, and forgotten children, offer them a profound gift.. children3.jpgWorking with orphaned children demands lots of patience, as these children's harsh living conditions have often alienated them from society.
    A volunteer's responsibility depends on the needs of the orphanage and the skills and interests of the volunteer. Most of the orphanages aim at the provision of education opportunities to orphans; therefore, in most cases, volunteers teach basic conversation English to the children. Volunteers also help in developing creative programs such as art, music, dance, sports, etc. Additional help on day trips, sanitation, cooking, and administration might be requested.

    Children Feeding Program
    Children at the Center

    One of the most wonderful opportunities that work in children orphanage can give you is the chance to share your love and skills with poor orphaned children. Many volunteers have deemed the work life changing. By offering attention and love to children, you are making a real difference in the life of a young person. Whether you have a background in childcare or simply enjoy sharing love with kids, a smile can offer something meaningful to the life of kids deprived of love and care.
    As a volunteer, you can help care for children in orphanages. Children are an integral part of all societies around the world and providing adequate care for them is an important part of everyday life. As an international volunteer this type of placement provides an opportunity for active hands-on work as well as a unique cultural exchange opportunity. Many orphanages are community initiated and operated by local community members. Often government support and staff are minimal; therefore the institutions are not provided with the necessary resources to optimize the children's care. The orphanages rely upon volunteers to support their long-term sustainable initiatives through simple tasks and creative energy. Sharing your time with the children, you will be offering them the family love which they have not been privileged with, you will be presenting to them a reason to live as normal as you and us.
    You may be assisting with daily routines helping cook and feed the children, playing with them, and devising games for their leisure after school and on weekends. Through all that you do, the individual attention and love that you give the children will last in their memories for a lifetime. The single most important factor in the development of young children is relationships with caring adults. Whether you have a background in childcare or simply enjoy caring for young children, a smile or hug can be a meaningful and long-term contribution.
    In addition, the dialogue and interaction with local staff provides a rare opportunity for you to share ideas with them and build morale. The most important attributes needed for these placements are an open heart and a love for spending time with children. In some placements you will quickly pick up on the daily routine while in others you may need to be more creative in coming up with ideas.

    Volunteer's responsibilities
    Helping the children in conversational English and assignments. 9012339275?profile=original
    Supervise the children to clean up and dress up.
    Supervise their studies and assignments.
    Share their food; sit by them to see them eat.
    Prepare them for schools, check their dresses.
    Design, teach, organize and play games (educational and environmental).

    Program Objectives
    •To offer support, care and family for the orphans and vulnerable.
    •To develop their mental and moral sense of belonging and responsibility.
    •To create a platform for volunteers mentor the children and offer them cross cultural exposure.

    Program Duration and Dates.
    Program is opened to volunteers all year round. Volunteers can spend from two weeks onwards on the program.
    Airport Pick up/Orientation
    9012338895?profile=originalVolunteers will be picked up from the airport and transferred to their places of stay upon arrival. The pre-departure information to the placement and program is done to offer volunteers a clear picture and sensitivities of the people in the community of work. Orientation is at the placement including basic local language, syllabus and how to go about things in the community in terms of transport, food, water, socialization, etc.
    Who can volunteer in children program in orphanages? Anybody can volunteer in this program as long as you are 18 years or more. It is regardless of your profession, skill or experience. You can volunteer as a team or an individual. You should understand that you will not do anything that may stigmatize any of the people you meet in the course of your work. You need to have an open mind and a willing heart.
    How will a volunteer see his/her contribution after the program?
    •You will see how valuable your love has been shared among the children.
    •You will realize how important the knowledge you have about care or recreation, no matter how little, has been in the creation of joy and hope for many young ones.
    •Your contribution to the development of the children will be well counted years to come.9012334893?profile=original
    How will you benefit from volunteering in this program?
    •You would discover more of yourself.
    •You would have gotten for yourself more love.
    •Your experience and understanding for children will grow.
    •It shall be a great holiday break in an environment of pure love.

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