• Ed, I'm currently in Phuket and about to head to Samui and we haven't heard a 'peep' from the protestors down here in the South. Of course, my family are e-mailing me like crazy telling me to 'be careful' and 'stay safe' which I can understand but I think it's a little 'overkill' as it were. According to the Foreign Commonwealth website I should be locking myself up in my hotel room watching the media 24/7 - what a load of utter crap! I was due to go to Bangkok in about a month so things may have changed by then but if not, I'll speak to people already there and get their opinions. Although, you have to wonder if it's really worth it. Say I went to Bangkok when there was still problems and something happened to me? I would havew nullified my insurance because I went to a place where my own Government specifically told me not to. Food for thought.
    I'll keep you updated if anything changes but I think, personally, the problems are in the North only and they'll stay that way.
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