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Indeed, it is easy to find fun places to visit with youngsters, but it is still hard to find things to do with senior family members. Actually, this year was very challenging for my grandparents, and they spent the entire year in the home. Now, when the entire family has vaccinated so, we are planning to visit the best places with grandparents. 

Although this article helped a lot in shortlisting one of the best places like Epcot and Morse Museum of Stained Glass but do you think it would be easy to explore these places on a mobility scooter? Or in other words, I am preferring the places where it would be seamless to roam around with a mobility scooter. Yes, my grandparents have some mobility problems and use mobility scooters in this regard. 

By the way, we are also thinking to visit Disneyland. What are your thoughts about it?

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