• All great reasons! Anyone interested in beach vacations?


  • I am going to visit friends and attend a wedding there in 2 weeks time, in the Sinai to be exact, and the reasons I am looking forward to going:

    -it is the end of Ramadan (Eid) so it will be very festive

    -I miss my Beduoin friends and Egyptian hospitality

    -it's a great time to visit due to lack of crowds

    -I feel Egyptians need us right now as reassurance the tourists will come back

    -I've got a load of gifts for them donated by my friends as time are tough for Egyptians working in tourism

  • I would love to be coming to back to Egypt soon but I don't see it happening before 2012. Read why NOW is a great time to visit Egypt.


    Egypt Now: All the Ancient History and Hope for Revolutionary Change.


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  • I would like to visit Egypt this January, to show my support for tourism in Egypt, and also because I believe this is an excellent time to see the sights without huge crowds.  I am looking for a FAM trip or travel agent rates on an organized tour, if anyone has any info on this. Thanks!
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