enjoy the culture, but after a good night's sleep

i agree that culture is one of the many reasons to travel but I know I'm not much use if I've been traveling and didn't get to sleep during the long-haul flight. That might all be changing now that Air New Zealand is bringing out a new economy cabin, complete with seats that you can sleep on. It's been nicknamed "cuddle class" and I wrote about it here (if I'm allowed to post my own website, apologies if that's not allowed).

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  • Gee - I should have added this link;


    I love the concept of "cuddle class." But, my feeling is that people are always shaky the first day when they've crossed numerous time zones - and should do city tours and things that require less energy in the event they fall - it won't be on a marble floor.
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  • hi I'm quite new here Jose, where do I find the New Zealand group I wonder? thanks
  • Hi Sheila, it's totally allowed. You should post this on the New Zealand group, as well!
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