iPad, iPod and Android are rapidly changing information access and possibilities to organize trips for all kind of travel. They have although much more potential for individual travelers who seek cultural experiences thanks to their unparalleled way to deliver rich content and immediate booking abilities. I would like to hear from you how you believe technology is changing the cultural travel industry.

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  • Hello Rossitza, Yes, technology is rapidly changing the Travel industry, a lots of discoveries everyday in advancement of the industry but will affect cultural travel industry very minimal if the word CULTURE must be maintained. You will agree with me that culture is something that a person learns from his family and surroundings, and is not ingrained in him from birth. For example, In Africa where we have well over 3,000 tribes or ethnic groups, each of these people have different views and norms of their respective societies. Yoruba people belief respect must be given and shown to anyone who is older even by one month, when greeting, talking, relating, eating together and other inter-related activities of human being. In Yoruba land when a younger girl needs to greet an elderly person, she needs to put her two kneels on the ground for respect. How do you think technology can help in such condition? That is why I strongly believe that Technology can affect the industry and not the culture in itself.
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