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Boston Arts & Culture is the newest app from Julie Hatfield, who has lived in Boston for more than 40 years and explored every theater group, dance group, cultural festival, opera company, symphony orchestra, rock group (she's Juliana Hatfield's mom) and museum/library within 50 miles of the city.  She has also sung with several choral groups along the way, and covered Boston fashion and society for the Boston Globe.

This is where to find out what kind of theater you'd like to see while in Boston

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11 of Boston's Best Museums

10437828282?profile=RESIZE_930xKalim Saliba

For those interested in U.S. history, "Beantown" is a bonanza, with its many sites and neighborhoods rich in colonial, revolutionary, and republican history over its more than 400 years of existence. But the capital of Massachusetts is also one of this country’s great cultural powerhouses, in performing arts, academia, and museums. Not for nothing has it been dubbed “the Athens of America."

Furthermore, the Boston metro area is especially packed with museums – more than 40, from so

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Visiting Boston has just become easier.  No more muddling through guidebooks, maps, tour ideas and using recommendations from relatives who were here 30 years ago.  

Now there is an up-to-date app that gives you all the theater groups, musical groups, festivals, museums, libraries, dance groups, symphonies, in one place.

Find out what's going on when its' going on, whether it's free or what the exact cost is, what the address is, etc.

Boston Arts & Culture has been introduced to the iTunes store fo

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Boston's Top 8 Musts


Visiting the capital of Massachusetts (and, indeed, all of New England) is a treat in uncountable ways, as 16 million visitors a year can tell you. And here are the don't misses:

Freedom Trail

An itinerary covering 16 key history/heritage sites connected to the American Revolution for independence from Great Britain. It includes the Massachusetts State House, the cemetery where various famous citizens are buried; the Benjamin Franklin monument, the Old State House, Old South Meeting House, an

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How to Plan the Best Holiday to Boston

Charming ubiquitous red-bricked neighborhoods, public green spaces, a rich history and a perfect blend of traditional and modern architecture- that’s Boston for you! This largest city in Massachusetts has a relaxed vibe and offers all the benefits of a metro city without the fast pace. This delightful town is just perfect for a quick little sojourn! Want to plan a holiday in this historical city? Check out these trip planner and tips before you do!

What is the best way to travel?

The public transp

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From From Kaleel
Travel Tip: The Stay At Home Vacation: Staycations

A weak economy drives families (and all travelers) to seek value-driven vacations, which now often means travel in one’s own back yard, a “Staycation,” a kind of travel that fosters a sense of community, lets people discover their own city, and saves money

We think the best way to enjoy a “Staycation” is with The CityPASS ticket booklet. Thinner than your iPod, and full of homegrown bargains and deals at a dozen or so top cities, l
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6 Boffo Boston Visitor Attractions


If you're heading to the historic city of Boston, get ready to enjoy a wide variety of popular attractions - and plan your itinerary in advance, to make certain you don't miss out on anything this vibrant metropolis has to offer. And remember to pick up your rental car once you arrive at Logan Airport – despite what you may have heard, Boston is a pretty easy city to drive in (as long as you’re not passing Fenway after a Red Sox game).

Quincy Market

This market dating back to 1826
, now a food hal

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Many visitors wouldn't necessarily associate Beantown with beaches, but the fact is that there are a number of appealing Atlantic Ocean strands within easy reach (in many cases more so, even, than those on Cape Cod), which are popular with Bostonians as well as tourists who want to work in a dollop of sun and fun to their diet of history, museums, and other culture. There are more than a dozen contenders, and here's my pick for the top five: 


Crane Beach

Located outside the quaint, histor

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Vacations are an important part of life, not only for strong family relations but also for the betterment of health. Family vacation also plays an important role in the upbringing of children. You could teach your kids about different cultures and lifestyles around the world. Nowadays, many companies provide a perfect planned holiday for you, from going to the hotel from the airport to visiting the attractions; everything is planned according to your demand and budget. There are also all-inclusi

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The Hanoi Museum is in the "Top 10 Overlooked Stunning Buildings" put together by members and editors of travel website VirtualTourist.

“While most visitors to Vietnam focus on temples and colonial buildings, a new modern museum in the country's capital might change that tradition,” Reuters quoted the travel website as commenting on the museum.

The Hanoi Museum, designed by GMP Architekten of Germany, incorporates some common themes of museum construction with a new twist, literally. Photos of the

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World’s Weirdest Museums

20120509_museum.jpgLet's face it: there's an audience for anything. What some tourists find unpleasant, others may say it's their cup of tea. That same formula also applies to cultural activities and touristic attractions such as museums, even the more unconventional ones.

The Dog Collar Museum, Leeds (UK): The name says it all and attracts nearly half a million pet lovers every year! Located in Leeds Castle, the museums displays more than 100 items dating back centuries and celebrates the last owner of the estate,

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 Top big U.S. cities I consider a must visit for a foreign or U.S. traveler, here I mention my top ten.


I'm Nick Kontis, founder of the world travel list and I guess you could say that travel has been at the forefront of my life. I love travel and checking out new places.

I have been to over 80 countries and many people ask me what my top ten U.S.

cities are. my favorites, as well as, must visits.

You may disagree, but travel is subjective. My favorite cities may not be your favorites but travel

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L2F-Nov-17-pic-USA-Thanksgiving-dinner-shutterstock_334602908-640x427.jpg              Brent Hofacker

Today is one of the United States‘ few annual holidays which most of its inhabitants regardless of origin, age, or creed cherish and when families reunite unlike any other time of year except Christmas. Always observed the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving is so deep-rooted at least in part because it’s rooted deeply in the beginnings of this country’s history, when in 1621 it’s said the recently arrived Pilgrim settlers from England shared a harvest feast i

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8 Coolest Museums of Las Vegas


Still one of the plane’s top destinations, this flashy vision in the USA‘s Nevada desert is of course world-famous for its world-class casinos, shopping, shows, dining, nightlife, and attractions. But most of us wouldn’t necessarily think of “Sin City” as a place for museum mavens and culture vultures. And yet, in my visits to Las Vegas I’ve come across some pretty impressive museums indeed, along both traditional and also definintely untraditional lines. Sadly, the Liberace Museum has hung up i

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8 Cool Museums (Museums??) of Las Vegas


Still one of the planet’s top destinations, this flashy vision in the USA's Nevada desert is of course world-famous for its world-class casinos, shopping, shows, dining, nightlife, and attractions. But most of us wouldn’t necessarily think of “Sin City” as a place for museum mavens and culture vultures. And yet, in my visits to Las Vegas I’ve come across some pretty impressive museums indeed, along both traditional and also definitely untraditional lines. Sadly, the Liberace Museum

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Last month I traveled back to my old stomping grounds in Washington DC to attend an event and decided to check out one of the very few tourist attractions I hadn’t already been to (hey, I went to college here, and have been back quite a few times since).  And I have to say, the decade-old International Spy Museum, in a downtown red-brick building right across from the National Portrait Gallery, turned out to be probably the best infotainment attraction I can recall ever experiencing.

9296571899?profile=originalAnd I do

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Cape Cod Dreaming


New England sure has been getting walloped by winter this year. But come warm weather, there's no more delightful part of the USA - and one of my favorite parts of it is also one of America’s first and most historic holiday destinations – a 339-square-mile (880-square-kilometre) chunk of Barnstable CountyMassachusetts that looks uncannily like an arm making a fist as it protrudes out into the Atlantic Ocean from the coast an hour south of Boston.

Cape Cod is a thoroughly winsome mix of beac

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Fall Foliage Tours from Virgin Vacations

New England Leaf Peeping with Virgin Vacations


9-Day Fall Foliage Tour under $175 per night9008712073?profile=original


Travelers can get a head start on New England’s traditionally sold-out leaf -peeping season by booking Virgin Vacations’ 9-Day Classic New England Fall Foliage Tour for under $175 a night.  


The  9 day/8 night escorted tour begins and ends in Boston, and includes accommodations, 8 breakfasts and one lunch, travel by motor coach, sightseeing, and the services of a tour guide throughout.  Total cost per per

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The Winning Ways of Western Massachusetts


Many visitors to one of the USA's most historic states tend to stick close to its Atlantic Ocean coast, because of course there's a lot to love about destinations like Boston and Cape Cod to its south. But there's an entire state's worth of equally scenic and historic treasures stretching some 124 miles (just over 200 kilometres) west to the New York State border (a bit over a two-hour nonstop drive) - and it makes for a great overnight or several-day excursion from "Beantown".

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image | U.S. Federal Government

I'll say upfront, I'm horrified by the nightmare this country is installing in the Executive branch of our government, and wincing at the massive damage we're going to be taking over the next four (and hopefully only four) years. So it's all the more worth noting that given the outsize world influence of this country’s chief executive, travellers seeking insights into both U.S. and world history will find intriguing and often first-hand information at the librar

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