People in the current generation work much longer compared to individuals from previous generations, due to economic reasons of course. The work pressure and overall stress trigger lifestyle diseases. Thus, in order to get rid of depression and negative feelings, taking time off has become a necessity.


According to the researchers who participated in Framingham Heart Study, women who do not go on vacation, at least twice each year, face a greater risk of developing heart diseases or facing a heart attack. Similar research work published by the Journal of the American Medical Association also pointed out that men who go on vacation every year are 32 percent less likely to face heart diseases. These findings do make sense and perhaps, this is the reason, companies in Europe and the United States send their employees on company paid vacations.


Spending time with your family members can offer a great relief


Vacation can prove to be a perfect reset button. Taking a break from work and spending time with family members can help in boosting everyone's happiness and bring the family closer.


Going for such vacation at least once in a year can improve the level of love, respect, trust, and understanding among family members.


If you are looking for resorts in mumbai or nearby areas where you can spend your weekend, Monteria Resort can prove to be the perfect location for you. It's considered as one of the best options for the people from Mumbai when it comes to resorts, where they can spend quality time with family members.


Located in Raigad District's Vinegaon village, on old Pune Mumbai highway, the resort is surrounded by trees and beautiful lawns. Rooms are absolutely clean and well maintained at all times. The resort also offers Wi-Fi connectivity, so that your devices can stay connected to the internet at all times.


Making meaningful memories with your family by trying new things can help in improving and strengthening the relationship with family members. There can be nothing else as exciting as enjoying adventure activities together.  Not just kids, but even adults would enjoy adventure activities like rifle shooting, air crossing, archery, swing crossing, zip-line crossing etc. at Monteria. The dedicated area for kids can keep children busy for several hours.


If you and your family members love swimming, you can also spend some wonderful time in the resort’s swimming pool. With all the safety measures in place, you won’t have to worry about anything.


The family-friendly staff and management at Monteria make sure that guests feel comfortable. When it comes to food, they offer regional and international dishes. Due to such treatment, people keep on visiting the resort again and again. Most of the reviews about Monteria are positive, in fact, people have also uploaded videos filmed during their vacation at the resort on YouTube.


Most importantly, Monteria is one of the very few resorts near mumbai that offer facilities to celebrate Karva Chauth, birthday party and other small rituals and ceremonies. The destination is also ideal for holi celebrations, wedding ceremonies and exam ending parties for kids.