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Rotorua is known as the "little town" of New Zealand's North Island (though its population is nearly 60,000), and the country's "Sulphur City," world famous for the geothermal activity resulting the area's volcanic activity. There are no live volcanoes around here, but plenty of hot water comes out from deep under the earth, manifesting as bubbling mud pools, geysers, and warm streams. Rotorua is also home to a rich Maori culture, sublime wildlife and landscapes, and plenty of adrenaline-packed

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Ireland is referred to as the Emerald Isle because of its seemingly endless expanses of verdant trees, deep woods, and rolling green hills. About an hour and a half south of Dublin, County Wicklow in turn is called the "Garden of Ireland," and 47 of the county's best acres are home to the Powerscourt House and Gardens.


A Long and Noble History

The Powerscourt site was first settled in the 12th century, but it was not until 1299 that a castle was finally erected by the namesake Power family.



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A Memorable Holiday Trip to Goa


It was my dream to spend a few days in Goa and finally I got a chance and this trip provided me a memorable holiday to Goa.I was planning to capture beautiful Beaches, Churches, sunshine, culture and characters. I choose one of the best tour operators in Kerala, Go with IPR.

If you are looking to relax particularly in comparison with the north India then Goa is the best place and you can also enjoy some of Goa’s famous seafood while dining beside a comforting backdrop of the ocean with a cool sea

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Delhi Agra Same Day Tours


Traveling is the hobby of many people and when it comes to the journey to view different places of India in North India then they do not think of anything. They can travel anytime anyplace and in any condition. Food and tiredness get disappeared from their dictionary and they do not remember the meaning of these words forever.

We all know that a journey from Delhi to Agra is of four hours with long traffics on the roads even though we use the Yamuna Express. But a traveler is always a traveler in

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India is geographically abundant and varied, with lush valleys, snow peaks, hills, lakes, green meadows, plateaus, huge deserts as well as beautiful coastlines and also bayous. But some are less well known than others; here are four examples.


A favorite with trekkers and situated in the east of the beautiful state of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh lies at an altitude of 2,300 to 5,000 meters up in the Himalayas, presenting a rugged, sometimes harsh but undeniably stunning landscape of ma

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12 Top Destinations in India's Kashmir State


India's northernmost state is filled with flowers in springtime and snow in the winter, offering visitors in general and honeymooners in particular a raft of amazings sights and experiences, such as skiing in Gulmarg; marveling at breathtaking mountains lakes; trout fishing in Sonmarg; and enchanting cruises on cedar panelled houseboats on the Jhelum River. Amid its myriad landscapes - with lakes, mountains, gardens, deserts, Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim places of worship, and various fas

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Desert Safari Tours in Dubai


Dubai is internationally reknowned as a glitzy, super-wealthy mecca on the Persian Gulf. But many visitors also enjoy an excursion out into the dunes surrounding the city for a taste of traditional desert life. And local tour operators have designed a variety of safaris - both day trips and overnighters - to appeal to the desires and needs of a wide variety of visitors:

Morning Desert Safari

This was for the people who do not have a whole day in Dubai and they still want to go on the

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India is enchantingly beautiful and worth a visit for any traveler! One can find everything that one seeks.. in just one nation i.e. India!  What makes India incredible? Well, it is not the monuments alone and neither the beaches nor the history but what makes India incredible is its culture, traditions, warmth and hospitality. Known amongst the most hospitable nations in the world, India offers some wonderful holiday opportunities for that perfect and incredible tour to India! It can be even a

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What You Must Know to About Qatar

Qatar Facts
1)Worlds largest gas Reserves
2)Population 2.7 million
3)Hosts a largest US military base
4)Set to host the 2022 World Cup
5)Wealthiest country in the world on per capital basis
6)Considers itself a mediator in the region
7)Japan, S Korea, India largest trade partners

Top Seven Business Sectors
1)Oil and Natural Gas
3)Finance, Insurance and Real Estate
4)Building and Construction
5)Trade, Restaurants and Hotels
6)Electricity and water
7)Transport and Communications

If you are plan

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Top Day Tours from Cairo

Egypt day tours are one of the most popular tourist destinations throughout the country. It is a land where history, tradition and culture are all blended into a single landscape. The country has been ruled by many dynasties over the centuries, but today there are a number of areas that offer visitors a glimpse into the early history of the country as well as fascinating sights and sounds about life in Egypt today. Here are some Egypt day tours that you might want to consider for a family vacati

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The GEM tours EgypT

The GEM tours Egypt  museum in Cairo is one of the prominent Egyptian museums. The name was inspired by the gemstone called the "Gem of the Nile", which has been found on a tomb of King Tutankhamen during the early Holocene era. The museum is the only Egyptian museum that holds the original sculptures and paintings found on the tomb.

The GEM Egypt vacation tour is an exciting way to explore the museums and monuments. The museum offers special Egypt tours like The Great Pyramids Tour, The Red Sea

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There are 6 types of safari options available for tiger and wildlife tours in India:

  • Jeep Safari: Safari tour in national parks of India are done in an open vehicle. This is a 4X4 Maruti Gypsy. A very silent vehicle, and ideal for sighting Tigers and other wildlife. The maximum capacity of this vehicle is 6 guests, plus a guide and a driver. 


  • Canter Safari: It is also open at the top. It is used to carry large group of tourist to a particular zone. It is usually more than 10 seater and there are o
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Birding Tours in India: North East

Embark on a journey that is possibly one of the best birdwatcing hotspots Asia has to offer; it is a place where very few have ventured to discover some of the most remarkable species we have on Earth. Here one can witness the likes of the recently discovered Temminck’s Tragopan to the vulnerable Bengal florican. Some of the other exciting prospects one can encounter are the mesmerizing Fire Tailed Myzornis and the endemic Bugun Liocichla apart from a treasure trove of avian medley. This tropica

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Vietnam, the land of rising dragon captivates travelers with its diversified landscapes of charming lakes, picturesque coastlines, and delicious cuisines right from the northern to the southern parts of the fascinating country. The classic tours Vietnam is designed by the travel specialists, Vivu Travel offering revitalising experience showcasing the best of Vietnam, far from the hurry-scurry affairs of city life.


Why will you appreciatethese Classic Tours?

We at Vivu Travel delightfully offer var

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North India Tour Package

North India Tour Package are available from different travel agency located in and accross the national capital.The very adventurous north east excursions and affirdable holiday packages are simply wow. Travel to India offer different tour packages depending on the travel plans of their customers.

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Pench National Park: Birdlist updated

Pench river flows through the forest, and a huge Totladoh dam is also a part of this national park. Pench has very good birding as well. Close to 300 species of birds have made Pench their home. 

Pench has one of the highest densities of Spotted Deer in India, and animals such as the Indian Leopard and the Dhol or Indian Wild Dog exist while carefully avoiding conflict with the 80-odd tigers in the wild here. Here, evidence of large villages which have been relocated to bring back the grasslands

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Cycling tours Portugal

Why to bike in Portugal?

"The sun is out 300 days per year with few raining days” and it is perfect for cycling. Portugal coastline as nearly 1800 km, including the Madeira and Azores islands.

In general Portugal offers warm and sunny summers, mild winters, and autumn and spring are normally warm however with some wind and rainfall.

So it is possible to confirm that bike touring in Portugal is great most of the time due very good weather conditions.

Is not always an easy decision to travel aboard to

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When we booked the "Algarve jeep safari," they promised a tour to the interior to show there was more to Portugal's southernmost region than beaches, bars and golf courses. We passed through remote villages; stopped off at a couple of out-of-the-way places for a coffee break and lunch; visited a distillery; and finally stopped in a cork oak grove, where Tomás our guide gave an interesting presentation.

At home, I usually drink wine in a screwtop bottle. I know there’s a bit of controversy about

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Top 10 places to visit in Dubai

Dubai, such a modern city that is known for its luxurious shopping,ultra-modern design, and the beauty of its nightlife.


Dubai is such a town, where you will find tourist spots that replace each other.

10 places to visit in Dubai:

In this article, 

we will discuss, how to reach those places, about the tickets, and what else will you be able to do there.

10 - Lamer beach.

  • Lamer beach is located at Jumeirah, one island of Dubai.
  • And it's three minutes away from the Jumeirah mosque.
  • No fees is charged to v
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