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by David Lanzas

One of the key causes of anxiety and stress for fearful flyers is their perceived lack of control. This in turn can make them avoid air travel – limiting their lives considerably – and if they do get on a plane, cause them suffering.

While it’s true that as passengers we have no control over the flight itself (fortunately), this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing anxious flyers can do to feel that they do have some control over the situation. And here are five simple way

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Where Does Fear of Flying Come From?


One of the safest things you could be doing right now is flying. According to solid research, 3 miles on an Interstate highway puts you at the same risk of fatality as does a coast-to-coast flight. Every time you drive 3 miles on an Interstate highway (or about 1.5 miles urban) you have placed yourself at the same risk as taking a flight.

This statistical analysis was developed when traffic deaths rose sharply after 9/11, as people switched from flying to driving. Researchers Michael Sivak and Mi

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How and Why Fear of Flying Can Start


by Tom Bunn

When fear of flying develops, it's sometimes because there has been a bad flight. But, in many cases, difficulty begins for no apparent reason. The average age of onset is 27. The truth is, many of us become more anxious as we get older and more mature. As teenagers, when parents told us to be careful, we thought they were from some other planet! We thought bad things happen to other people, or in places far away. 

As we grow older and (hopefully) wiser – or as something shocking h

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