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It’s not always easy to be eco-friendly or sustainable when running a business, especially in a country like Costa Rica, which sets the bar high for ecotourism.


Costa Rica essentially pioneered the flourishing ecotourism trend nearly two decades ago. Since then, with the many stringent demands of its Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) program, it takes a great deal of commitment, hard work and dedication to authentically be a sustainable eco-friendly business.


Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adv

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6 of the Best Museums in Barcelona


Maria Rosa Ferrer/Museu Picasso

Barcelona is awash with fantastic museums and galleries.  So, if you find yourself in the Catalan capital, then be sure them out.  Here's a high-powered half dozen to get you started.    

Museu Picasso

This absolute must (top), opened in 1963, houses the most extensive collection (4,251 paintings) from Picasso’s formative years.  Spread across five contiguous medieval stone mansions, three of which boast permanent collections and two temporary exhibitions, this mus

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Top 5 Attractions of Key Largo, Florida


The largest and northernmost of the Florida Keys (as well as the most popular apart from Key West), Key Largo is especillay known for its water sports, particularly scuba diving, as it's been proclaimed the "dive capital of the world. There are a plenty of tourist attractions in Key Largo, but here are the top five: 





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9009000080?profile=originalStopping at the Port of Limon in Costa Rica on your Western Caribbean cruise or Panama Canal cruise?

Since you only have one day in port to experience the best attractions of Costa Rica, you want to maximize your time as best you can. Costa Rica is famous for its rainforests, nature, diverse wildlife and adventure tours. For an all-in-one rainforest adventure choose Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure for your shore excursion in Limon, Costa Rica.

Six reasons why Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure – na

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Things to see and do in Kenya.

Things To Do in Kenya.

Things To Do in Kenya/Adventure Wildlife Safaris in Kenya.

Ready to start planning your Kenya Adventure Holiday? Go Places This Summer Holiday.

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Kenya Migration Safari.

The Great Migration Kenya Safari

The Great Kenya Migration Safari, Book Now!

Enjoy an all inclusive Kenya wildebeest migration safari in Masai Mara as you witness the mass migration of wildlife, animals, in the world seven wonders, best time to watch. Kenya, YHA Kenya Travel,Wildebeest migration,Kenya wildebeest migration, Kenya migration safari,best time to see, attractions, mass migration, Kenya wildlife migration, animal migration, Masai Mara, migration watch on balloon s

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Top Things to Do in Goa

Different Activities to do in Goa and its Major Attractions

If you are planning about visiting any tourists destination where you can spend your time with a full of enjoy and by seeing a natural beauty then Goa is best place. Different types Goa activities offer best opportunity to spend good time.

Goa is beautifully situated in the west in India. Recreational activities in Goa offer various opportunities to entertain in different way.

Weather Conditions: As we know, weather plays an important role

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7 Top Sights of Macau


Formerly a colony of Portugal, Macau is a special administrative region of China and is located on the Pearl River. This is one of world’s densely populated areas and is known as a largest spot for gambling in all of Asia.

Things to do in Macau

Macau has great scope for an excellent nightlife and the grand casinos (dominating the skyline, top), nightclubs, and also the atmosphere of the colonial past, making it a major tourist centre in Asia. Buildings that stand against the giant backgroun

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There are different kinds of tourists. Some are looking for romantic getaways, some are looking to have an adventure, some are looking to enjoy with their families. But there are others who are looking for spirituality and tranquility. And for such tourists, there are spiritual places in Malaysia where they can find what they are looking for. Life has become stressful. A simple holiday or break is not going to rejuvenate. You need spirituality to feel completely relaxed and free. Though there ar

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It isn't often that Frankfurt tops the list of Germany's must-visit cities due to its often misunderstood reputation as a staid financial services center. One of Frankfurt's most visible distinctions contributing to stereotypes like this is its impressive skyline most dramatically viewed from MaiN ToWer's rooftop observation platform. While World War II bombings obliterated downtown's original architectural treasures and footprint, they also gave the city a clean slate for reconstruction largely

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How to See Paris Best Museums in One Day

The City of Lights as Paris is fondly referred to may have a plethora of attractions and sights to see, along with myriad activities and things to do. However, the charm of this city drenched in history, art and culture is best rendezvoused at its museums. Museums in Paris are indeed some of the most rushed to attractions of the city, what with standing in ques for hours on end only to a gateway of the world of sensational art! If you are looking for Paris Museum Tours, check out this guide on h

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Best Places to Visit and Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai, a relatively new tourist destination, is basically a desert city with excellent infrastructure and superb tourist amenities. Its liberal policies as well as its convenient location just three hours away from most Asian countries and five hours away from Europe, make Dubai very popular as a short-break destination for tourists from both countries that are looking for exciting shopping, fine dining, great partying and a host of unique sporting events.


Dubai, a relatively new tourist destinat

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by Cristóbal Ramírez

A city of nearly two million inhabitants some 200 kilometres (170 miles) from Mexico City, Santiago de Queretaro (usually known simply as Queretaro, and pronouced ke-RE-ta-ro) is one of central Mexico’s great colonial cities, but a little more under the radar to non-Mexicans than, say, San Miguel de Allende or Cuernevaca.

It’s mostly a modern place these days, but the the gridlike city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, dripping history at every turn. A prime example is

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Things To Do in Kenya


Things To Do in Kenya.

Adventure Wildlife Safaris in Kenya - Kenya Safaris.

Ready to start planning your Kenya Adventure Holiday? Go Places This Summer Holiday.

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Things To Do in Kenya.

YHA-Kenya Travel Tours & Safaris / PO BOX 22858-00400, Nairobi, Kenya 


Adventure Wildlife Safaris in Kenya - Kenya Safaris.

Ready to start planning your Kenya Adventure Holiday? Go Places This Summer Holiday.

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Between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara runs the US 101, alternating between rolling hills and stunning sea views. Family activities abound at a midpoint in Ventura County West, making for an excellent three day vacation close to the heart of Los Angeles. This area includes Camarillo, Oxnard, and Ventura.

Choose day trips between wine tasting, old airplanes, classic cars, or whale watching, just to name a few, as well as the tourist-friendly downtown shops and eateries with craft beers.

Channel I

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9008905880?profile=originalTo your holiday decorations this year, add some pretty Christmas plants for a living touch of good cheer. Surprisingly, many holiday plants are tropical in origin, which means that you care for them like a houseplant if you live in a cold climate.


The Else Kientzler Botanical Garden in Sarchi, Costa Rica, has several fun ideas for traditional and novel Christmas plants to decorate your home this holiday season. They recommend using decorative planters in different levels, along with hanging bask

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9008897296?profile=originalThe fascinating fact about plants and trees in Costa Rica is that each one has a story, or a folk tradition or a specific use. There is much more than meets the eye in this tropical paradise.


Ovido Esquivel, director of the Else Kientzler Botanical Garden in Sarchi, Costa Rica, uncovered the mystique of some of Costa Rica’s commonly found plants and trees, which you will more than likely see in your travels around Costa Rica.


9008897687?profile=originalBougainvillea(veranera in Spanish): Native to South America, the vibra

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Porto Portugal attractions an overview

9008684475?profile=originalPorto is a historical city in northern Portugal, that is located along the banks of the river Douro. Porto, one of the major urban ares in the Iberian peninsula is declared as a World heritage site by United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1996. For a tourist, Porto is a must see city in Europe. The city itself is an incorporation of modern life and history. Above all, the river Douro and its peripheral regions offer a great value for the trip. Porto Portug

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by Elyse Glickman

singaporeskyline1.jpg?w=422&h=284&width=400Travelers often touch down in Singapore merely en route to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other countries in Asia (especially Southeast Asia).  That’s partly because it’s a hub for (naturally) Singapore Airlines, one of the world’s top-rated carriers. There’s an argument to be made that this singular city-state is intriguing enough to visit for its own sake. At the very least, though, if you’re continuing onward, a stopover here — seven time zones from London and 11 zones on

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