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Mount Kenya Day Trip Hike Sirimon Route:

Our one day Mount Kenya climbing/ trekking day tour from Nairobi using the Sirimon route offers the gentlest slope of all approach routes and is therefore perfect for beginners.

The Sirimon route is popular for its unique forest and the opportunity for viewing wildlife. There are 2 distinctive Sirimon routes that one can choose to take during our one day-trip hike up the mountain.

You could choose either the Sirimon lower forest one day trip or the Sirimon M

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Top 7 Gorgeous Glamping Destinations


How beautiful to imagine yourself in a camp locates in a glorious camp surrounded by beautiful environs. Singing and romancing on cold nights sitting around the fireside, staring on the stars in silent surroundings listening to the sounds of little creatures, basking on the lavish mattress, all that makes you dream to discover what camping in the glorious destinations of the world means. Morocco was the first place where I got the idea to experience the difference of international "glamping" -

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The vivid green city of Pune in the western state of Maharashtra is home to a wide variety of scenic lakes and dams that surround the metropolis in almost all its borders. These lakes add the very touch of green spaces, medium-height hillocks, serene waterfronts, and rejuvenation spots right at a ride or a drive of just a few hours.

The beauty of these lakes and dams pop up in complete glory during the rainy season. These lakes and dams offer ideal spots to escape the chaos of the urban concrete

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YHA Kenya Travel Tours And Safaris is a professional and experienced tour operator for Kenya, Tanzania holidays, We seek to give you best expert advice on affordable good value Kenya Camping safaris, holiday trips, Adventure,tours price on all inclusive safari packages.

Trip Overview.


Big Adventures With YHA-Kenya Travel, Get inspired experience a new travel perspective in adventure and book this exclusive small group budget adventure camping safaris exploring Lake Nakuru National park, Lake Naiv

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Exciting New Options for Group Camping Trips


Not too many years ago, campers, with few exceptions, were hardy males who claimed to relish leaky tents, frequently sodden blankets, insects, under or overdone food, and assorted hardships. To the non camper, this experience seemed nothing short of barbaric self-torture.

It was a rare sight indeed to see the lady of the house heading for the outdoors, packing camping gear beside her mountain-climbing mate, or taking to the woods with her youngsters and husband. Camping certainly was not for th

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The shining and smoothly flowing holy Ganges, the chants of prayers coming from the ghats, the music of the river that touches you soul, the scenic charm that rejuvenates your mind and body, and the adventure sports that give you the high. At the foothills of the Himalayans in Uttarakhand state, Rishikesh is known as an ancient city holy to Hindus, but thanks to its location it has also become a go-to place for adventure junkies and backpackers in the recent years - for many, a perfect blend of

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Kenya Adventure Safaris.

Kenya Adventure Safaris.

Kenya Wildlife Safaris, Summer Holiday Destination, Kenya Wildebeest Migration,Kenya Adventure Safaris, Kenya Safaris,Small Group Safaris,  Summer Holiday  Affordable Travel with YHA Kenya Travel.


This is one of Kenya’s most popular safari destination a 3 days Kenya budget camping adventure safari tour, starting from Nairobi, Kenya.

The safari tour takes you through the Rift Valley via Narok Town down to Masai Mara Game Reserve. Enjoy the adv

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Best of Kenya Adventure Safaris.

Active Adventures/ YHA Kenya Travel Tours And Safaris.

Active Adventures/YHA Kenya Travel Tours & Safaris.

Find your next active adventure tour with yha kenya travel! 

Safe Travel With YHA Kenya Travel simulates a covid ready plan for our guests. Social distancing, hand washing, wearing masks are strictly observed. When you get into our tourist vans/ Jeeps and get off the beaten track and immerse into nature, away from the big crowds as we have always done as we make planning of your trip even easi

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Plan A trip to Kenya.

Plan An Adventure Safari Holiday Trip.

Planning an adventure holiday trip-Kenya Safaris.

Let us Plan Your Dream Of An African Wildlife Safari Trip.

Planning an adventure holiday trip? Let Kenya be your dream destination this summer holiday. Enquire today for an exciting adventure safari activity as provided by YHA Kenya Travel and speak with our experienced team of travel experts.
Family Friendly Budget Holidays Travels, Celebrate Summer in Exotic Kenya, Kenya Getaways, Kenya Road Trip, Wild Adventu

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Who We Are!

Who We Are-Budget-Adventure -Activity -Holidays.

Who We Are/YHA Kenya Travel Adventure Budget Camping Safaris.

                                                                          Who We Are.

YHA Kenya Travel Tours And Safaris is a professional and experienced tour operator for Kenya and Tanzania holidays, We seek to give you best expert advice on affordable good value Kenya safaris holiday trips, Kenya budget adventure camping safaris, tours all price on an all inclusive safari packages.YHA K

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Kenya Wildebeest Migration Safari.

Wildebeest Migration Safaris/Active Adventures/ YHA Kenya Travel.

Wildebeest Migration Active Adventure Safari, Book Now!

Book and enjoy an all inclusive Kenya annual wildebeest migration active adventure safari package, to world tourist wonder Masai Mara wildebeest migration in Masai Mara Kenya.

Wildebeest Migration Masai Mara KenyaKenya Migration SafariKenya Wildebeest Migration Safaris,Wildebeest Migration into Masai MaraThe Great Kenya Wildebeest Migratio

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Kenya Camping Adventure Safari Holidays.

Kenya Camping Safaris/Budget Adventure Tours.      

Best Exciting Great Kenya Migration Safari. from James Muraguri Gichohi on Vimeo.

The Republic of Kenya is famous for its rich wildlife. It is a country of dramatic extremes and classic contrasts, Deserts, and alpine snow capped Mountain Kenya. Vast tropical forests and open plains; the metropolis of Nairobi city and colorful tribal cultures; freshwater lakes and coral reefs.

The wildlife safaris have been t

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Kenya and Tanzania Budget Adventure Camping Safaris.

YHA Kenya Travel/ Budget Adventure Safaris In Kenya And Tanzania.

Combined Kenya And Tanzania Adventure Budget Camping Safaris/ Kenya Safaris / Tanzania Safaris/Small Group Safaris/Small Group Adventures/Group Holidays /Group Safaris.

Browse Tanzania best African Safari holidays full of safari adventures. Choose to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Activity Adventure,Budget Travel,Luxury camping Safaris or view Wildebeest Migration.
An East African Budget

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Kenya Migration Safari.

The Great Migration Kenya Safari

The Great Kenya Migration Safari, Book Now!

Enjoy an all inclusive Kenya wildebeest migration safari in Masai Mara as you witness the mass migration of wildlife, animals, in the world seven wonders, best time to watch. Kenya, YHA Kenya Travel,Wildebeest migration,Kenya wildebeest migration, Kenya migration safari,best time to see, attractions, mass migration, Kenya wildlife migration, animal migration, Masai Mara, migration watch on balloon s

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Kenya Short Safaris.

Kenya Budget Adventure Camping Safaris / Kenya Short Safaris.

YHA Kenya Travel, Kenya, Kenya Short Safaris, Kenya Camping Safari, Kenya Camping Safaris, Kenya Short Safari, Migration Safari, Wildebeest Migration Safari, Kenya Adventure Camping, Kenya Budget Camping,  Short Safari, Camping Safaris, Kenya Camping Tours, Small Group Safaris, Short Adventure Camping Safaris, Kenya Short Tours, Kenya Budget Adventure Camping, Best Camping Safaris, Kenya adventure safaris, Kenya bud

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Add On Africa For A WAP Year That Wows!

9009192088?profile=originalAssisting the local community & helping to paint schools in Uganda

Here’s why Africa will fit perfectly into your WAP (Work & Play) year: the new gapper seeking to enhance their CV, earn some hard cash, AND travel. Yes, that single minded, spiritual quest to find yourself is so last year, which means, if you want your year off to pay off, you’ll have to choose how and where you spend your time more wisely. 

While gapping is still arguably more fashionable in the UK, Malia Obama has popularised the

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Desert safari in Abu Dhabi is an activity you should never miss if you are vacationing in U.A.E. Though, you might be more interested in taking an Abu Dhabi city tour, it is highly recommended that you also head outside the city for a desert tour. Why? Because, this is one of the best ways to enjoy an adventure that gives you a peek into the bedouin lifestyle. Also, you get close to nature, and experience an adventure you can’t get anywhere.

What to Expect

The desert safari starts with a bang. You

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5 Great Places For Camping and Hiking in Colorado


Colorado is home to a wide variety of scenery from desert to thick forests. With this variety there is something for everyone. During the summer you have the ability to choose from over 4,000 campgrounds! There are 44 state parks and one state forest. Plus you can be in the shadows of the Great Rocky Mountains that will give you a breathtaking view. So if you are into the outdoors, this is the place for you.

These are five of my favorite hiking trails and campgrounds.

Four Pass Loop

As the name sug

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Plan a Dream Safari in Kenya


Let us Plan Your Dream African Wildlife Safari Trip.

Planning an adventure holiday trip? Let Kenya be your dream destination this summer holiday Enquire today and speak with our experienced team of travel experts.

Family Friendly Budget Holidays Travel, Celebrate Summer in Exotic Kenya, Kenya Getaways, Kenya Road Trip, Wild Adventure Awaits, Best Summer Weekend Getaway, Romantic Kenya Destinations, Come Enjoy Summer Holiday Adventure With Expert Guides YHA-Kenya Travel Good Deals! Save Money & Ge

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Why Travel With YHA Kenya Travel

Experience yha kenya travel adventure trips the way you want to with our expertise 
You’ll be inspired and exhilarated, enjoying mind-blowing scenery on foot, in a hot air balloon, by our safari van or cruiser or by bike exploring Naivasha and the hells gate national park and many other adventures, all at your own pace. Select among our many options to build your own trip of a lifetime with the help of our experience tour consultants
We Crafting Award-winning trips in Kenya and Tanzania safari a

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