Bear watching is a great activity to be done in Alaska and if you want to enjoy uninterrupted and safe bear viewing Alaska then need to take care of some important stuff that will help you in a great bear watching. Bear watching then you need to take care of a few things for an adventurous and safe bear watching in Alaska.



Try not to Feed Them

• Bears have a couple of months to develop fat stores for a long winter in nooks and are continuously searching for something to eat. Try not to allow them to discover that human food or trash is a simple dinner. It is silly and against the law to take care of bears, either intentionally or by not getting food or trash away from bears.
• Keep a perfect camp. Wash your dishes. Keep away from foul and oily food sources like bacon or smoked fish. Keep food smells off your apparel.
• Cook away from your tent. Store all food away from your camping area. Hang food far away from bears. If no trees are accessible, store your food in impenetrable or exceptionally planned bear-safe holders.
• Consume food squander totally in a fire. Pack all the other things out. Food and trash are similarly appealing to a bear so treat them with equivalent consideration.
• Keep in mind that pets and their food may likewise draw in bears.
• Objects like toothpaste, toiletry stuff, and even gas need to be put away from your camping area and far away from bears.