Five Ways to Save Money on a Trip to Florida

Five Ways to Save Money on a Trip to Florida

A trip to Florida is a true dream for many people, whether you’re a family looking to take your kids to the magic of Disney, or you’re a group or couple, dreaming of experiencing the fun of the Sunshine State for yourself. The problem with this dream is that it isn’t the cheapest, and it’s because of this fact it’s important to find a few ways to save cash, to make your long-awaited dream a reality.

If you have spent the last few weeks pouring over websites and brochures, dreaming of your destination of choice, the good news is that there are a few ways you can cut costs, and make that dream a reality.

Consider your theme park needs

It might take a little pre-planning, but sitting down and figuring out what you’re going to do and when could save you money. Think about it, if you spend cash on a 14 day theme park pass and you’re only going to spend half of that time in the parks, you could buy a 7-day pass instead, and save money. You can’t be in two places at once, so don’t spend the cash. If you pre-buy your Orlando attraction tickets you will also save money when compared to buying on the day from the desk. It just takes a little pre-thought.

Look at a villa

Do you know another family perhaps who is also thinking of doing to Orlando thing, and want to save money too? Joining forces and hiring a villa could save you serious cash because you pay per villa for your accommodation, not per person. You could easily do this and split the cost, which could mean considerable savings.

Avoid eating in the parks

Food and snacks in the theme parks are expensive, so if you can avoid it at all then it’s best to do so. Fill up at breakfast, head to a buffet restaurant on the way in, or make sure you take serious advantage of a free breakfast buffet at your hotel. This will fuel you up enough to get you through to late afternoon at least, when you can snack on fruit or something small, rather than having to buy a full meal. Another good idea is to buy a refillable park cup, as this means you get unlimited drink refills, rather than paying for a new one every single time.

Look at flying indirect

It might add a little extra time to your travel day but the reality of it is that your travel days are wasted holiday days anyway, so what is a few extra hours? If it doesn’t add too much hassle and stress to proceedings then certainly look at whether flying indirect will save you cash, as a lot of the time it will.

Budget so you don’t overspend

The best advice is also to budget, and whilst there’s no glamour in this, it will get you and your funds through to the end of your holiday without having to dip into the money you don’t have, or worse still, use the credit card you save for emergencies. Consider bringing along a travel kettle so you make coffee, tea, soup, or noodles in your hotel room to save money on eating out.

It is possible to cut cost corners on a Florida holiday, it just takes a little clever thinking.