Bears are always the main highlight in Alaska and people that visit Alaska could not resist watching grizzly bears in Alaska in their natural surroundings which is an epic and unbelievable experience. For many years people from different parts of the world regularly visit Alaska for bear watching. Over the years the bear viewing in Alaska has become one of the most popular activities in North America, especially during summers from April to September which is considered the best season to watch bears in Alaska.


Chintana Bay and Katamai bear tours

When we talk about beer viewing in Alaska Chintana bay and Katamai National Park are two of the most important places to site bears. Whether you want to watch black bears or the big fat brown bears in Alaska the Chintana Bay and Katmai National Park are best to visit as they offer the most astonishing opportunity to sight both of them.

You may take the help of professional Chinthana Bay bear tours that will take you to the remotest locations in Alaska where you can easily sight bears. Likewise, you can also take the help of a professional bear viewing guide in Katamai where you can easily site a mother mountain bear with her cubs.