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Once a destination for wannabe yogis, India now attracts both the intrepidand the cosmopolitan with back country villages and vibrant cities.The Taj Mahal Tourin Agra astounds as a gleaming expression of love, the ElephantaCaves depict India’s royal past, and Darjeeling reveals fields ofpotent tea.

In the western frontiers lay the glorious cultural and architectural resplendence of the Rajputs, which could be seenduring a fun trip to Jaipur, Udaipur or Mount Abu. The tourists arealso welcome to sample the colorful way of local life by being a partof local festivities and fairs like Pushkarfairs, or getting handicrafts as mementos. On the eastern front laythe erstwhile Capital of British India, Kolkata. With its deep-rootedBengali traditions and culture holidaysand heritage, Bengal also presents awesome tourism opportunities asthe only state to offer both the snow-capped mountain views, and vaststretches of sandy beaches! In the Indian heartland lie the states ofMadhya Pradesh and far west, Maharashtra, both with their own uniqueremnants of ancient Hindu civilizations.

Beneath the splendid collection of forts, temples, and monuments Delhi has amassed overcenturies, city streets heave with some of the most intoxicating scenesyou’ll ever experience. You’ll see rainbows of orchids draping trees,bazaars hawking glittery wares, and auto rickshaws.
As the tourist moves due south, the true picture of the cultural and regional diversity of

theIndian subcontinent becomes prominent. Be it the ancient ruins offorts, temples and fortifications of proud Dravidian civilizations inKarnataka, or the popular entertainment-culture of Chennai, South Indiaoffers great cultural explorations.