10 Tips for Solo Travel


  1. Make an itinerary: If you are going to be travelling solo, it’s a good idea to make an itinerary so that you always have something to do. Take a look at Google for some of the best things to do in the area, whether it be museums, restaurants or night life. That way you’ll always be busy! Make sure to also note down any admission prices, times and ticket requirements so that you are prepared. Travelling solo means you’ll have a lot of off time where you’ll be lost in your thoughts (which might end up negative), it’s best to keep this time occupied elsewhere!
  2. Find a travel partner: There are many apps and communities available where you can find people to either travel with, or meet in a foreign country. One of these websites that we’ve found is RemoteFriends. Here, you can find travel partners, make new friends and meet up with people! The website has the ability to filter by members who are looking to visit the same countries as you, their origin country, gender, age and more. Otherwise, you can try using mobile apps such as Meetup.
  3. Try to be social: Travelling solo can be terrifying, at least at first. If you’re a social person, you should definitely try to stay in one of the social/party hostels. These are great places for meeting people, and they often host activities which make great icebreakers. Make use of common areas such as the kitchen, bar and restaurant if the hostel has one. Don’t be intimidated initiating conversations with others, you’re all here for the same reason. You can try talking to your room mates at the hostel, if they aren’t very talkative, speak to reception and they can move you to a different room in most cases.
  4. Plan for emergencies: With you being alone, a lot of people are going to be worrying,
    probably including yourself. Make sure to update your friends and family periodically, as well as telling them your location. You can also update your medical ID on your mobile phone to include emergency contact details, blood type etc. Make sure to look up the travel advice provided by your government for the country you are visiting, and ask locals or hostel staff if there are any areas or tourist traps to avoid.
  5. Have fun: Seriously, this is the most important one. If this is your first time travelling solo, try not to stress out! It is one of the best things you will likely ever do, teaching you new things about yourself and allowing you to grow as a person. I took a 1-week trip to London which eventually turned into a month-long trip after having way too much fun! Once you get home, you will be dreaming about your next trip straight away.