Winos - er, oenophiles - and beer lovers unite! Here we go galavanting after the grape and the hop, and there are of course scores of fetching - and sometimes surprising - countries & regions to choose from. Cheers!

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A toast to a European beer powerhouse: the Czech Republic!

  Jekurantodistaja Ach, du liebe! It’s that sudsy time of year again, as Germany’s Oktoberfest begins anew later this month. When many of us think “beer”, Deutschland naturally springs readily to mind – and for some, perhaps also Belgium, known for some distinctive brews of its own. But after more than a quarter century recovering from its unfortunate 20th-century stint behind the Iron Curtain of the Cold War decades and resulting beer-industry degradation, the beer-pioneering Czechs are…

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Southern California Wine Council greets fall with delectable wines & comfort food

As the cooler weather arrives, at least cooler by southern California standards, our Wine Council gathered to taste California wines from the Napa, Salinas, and Sonoma valleys. Our first two, a brut rosé and a Chardonnay, were from Windsor Vineyards.  Established in Marin County by Rodney Stone in 1959, he moved it to Windsor in Sonoma in 1962.  Strong began customizing the wine labels for his customers who reserved their favorite Windsor Vineyards wine.  After that, the customized labels took…

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