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Nifty North Carolina road trips: 5 scenic sights to visit by car

    One of the original 13 British colonies which first formed the United States, North Carolina is home to plenty of historic and cultural sites but also some breathtaking natural beauty, including national and state parks, and dozens of beaches along some 300 miles of coastline. Gorgeous barrier islands; gospel music; Piedmont blues music; two types of tasty barbecue; Cherokee Indian culture; roadside attractions (like the world's largest working frying pan) - there's plenty of cool stuff to…

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From Food to Fashion, Birdwatching to Bourbon, Themed Itineraries in the USA Satisfy Many People's Interests

  "Nature's Grace" along the Maine Sculpture Trail. Photo by Alan Stubbs   Some people are traipsing through lovely landscapes as others explore history from days of North America's earliest tribal peoples to the present. Avid birders use binoculars to spot colorful feathered friends in flight while canoers and kayakers dip paddles into the water. At the end of the day, many of these visitors to Panama City, Florida, belly up to an oyster bar to enjoy freshly shucked bivalves prepared in a…

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6 Awesome Adventures for Families in & around Chicago

Conchi Martinez Now that summer is almost upon us, family vacations are very much on the menu. For those interested in heading to the USA, this blog has covered the country's famous "Windy City" in various ways, including the jazz scene, multiculti dining, movie locations, the city's Spanish connections, and all-around cool attractions which appeal to most everyone. Chicago, and the surrounding area of Illinois, however, can also be aces for a brilliant family holiday. Let me count the…

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5 family-friendly stars in New York City

      Everyone has a bucket list and a city they would like to visit, and there is certainly a lot in the Big Apple that will capture your imaginations, whether you're traveling on your own, with friends, your significant other, or your kids,.In fact, NYC is particularly rich in attractions that the whole family can enjoy, and here are five of the best, all in the borough of Manhattan (there are plenty of others in the Bronx, Brooklyn,  Queens, and Staten Island, but that's for another…

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  • Delaware's Rehoboth Beach is a warm-weather magnet for many not just in Delaware but also surrounding areas including Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Read more about it and other popular beaches along the state's 381-mile coast in's recent look article
  • An interesting video put together by reknowned international "pickup" authority Steve Jabba about the top 10 cities for single guys to pick up girls. Any guesses as to what the two U.S. cities mentioned might be? One you might think is obvious, the other not so much. Check it out!
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  • Imagine if the U.S. government had actually shut down: What would have happened with the 150th anniversary of the Civil War?
  • Photographs of San Francisco and Alcatraz Island and Penitentiary. There is an extraordinary atmosphere, amazing views of the city skyline and far fewer tourists on the Alcatraz night tour - highly recommended! Click here to view the image gallery: SF & Alcatraz gallery


    I am a professional travel photographer and take on commissions worldwide. To see more of my work

  • Hi, Zoë! Well, it really depends on your interests -- as you well know, the U.S. is a sometimes bewilderingly varied smorgasbord. Are your interests historic, outdoorsy, cultural, foodie, sporty...?
  • Hi - I'm a personal Tour Guide for the lake District, Cumbria, UK & many of my clients are from America. I want to learn more about USA & get back to visit - only been to California. Where should I go next?
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    Travel in mind, body and spirit around the globe
  • Hi Jose,

    Just did.
    Thank you.
  • Hi Nayaz,

    Did you post your request for US operators in the Tour Operators group? You may find it more productive!
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