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UNESCO sites/intangible heritage in '12 Top Destinations for African Diaspora Travel'

 dmbaker   Although the reason for the African diaspora was tragic and horrific - the brutal, centuries-long trafficking of human slaves - it has also enriched many parts of the world, and indeed, world culture as a whole. Not just Africa but also Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and North America are home to  myriad fascinating sites, experiences, and traditions for visitors to enrich their travels. Here I present to you just a dozen of the most prominent. read post  

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UNESCO sites in 'Ukraine Tourism and the War – Plus a Look at its Awesome Allures for Visitors'

  Andriy155  Just over seven months in from the brutal, unprovoked invasion of much of Ukraine’s east and south by Russia (about 20 percent of the country’s territory), the tide has turned, seemingly decisively, in the defenders’ favor, barring a catastrophic development such as a decision by dictator Vladimir Putin to use a battlefield nuclear weapon. Before the war, Ukraine received some 10 million visitors a year (it was 20 million before Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 without a shot being…

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Various UNESCO World Heritage Sites among 'Egypt's Top 8 Absolute Musts'

    One of the world's earliest great civilizations - from around 3150 to 332 BCE - ancient Egypt still fascinates, and is primarily the reason why more than 13 million visitors travel here each year. Here we've put together a list of the country's top attractions not to miss, whether you come independently or on a vacation package. Your life will never be the same! read post      

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Why Jordanian city As-Salt, the Middle East's newest UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a different kind of UWHS

 Ahmad Quaisieh This ancient, relatively small city northwest of Jordan's capital Amman, where minarets and church towers share the skyline, was added by UNESCO in 2021, Interestingly, it was not so much for those mosques and churches per se, nor its unique architectural style, Ottoman mansions, Roman tombs, Ayyubid citadel, and Islamic shrines, but rather as a "place of tolerance and urban hospitality" - qualities more sorely needed in today's world than ever before. BBC Travel published an…

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  • Last week the Washington Post recently marked the 50th anniversary of the UNESCO World Heritage Site program by publishing a look at two dozen sites in the USA:
  • One of six UNESCO sites in Pakistan, in southeastern Sindh province a bit over six hours from Karachi, Moenjodaro dates back some 5,000 years to the Bronze Age, and is one of the world's oldest preserved human settlements:
    Pakistan UNESCO site Moenjodaro badly damaged by flooding
    One of the world's oldest preserved human settlements has been significantly damaged by torrential rain in Pakistan as the country battles the worst…
  • Tourism to Algeria is still fairly under the radar, but apparently in the past decade the country still ranks in the top five most visited countries in Africa. And part of its allure, besides the welcoming people, is its many historic, cultural, and natural treasures - and there are no fewer than seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites here, with another six on the tentative list. Learn more about them at
    Algeria - UNESCO World Heritage Convention
    Algeria - UNESCO World Heritage Convention
  • Of the 1,154 sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list to date, 52 in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East are currently listed as endangered for various reasons, including war/civil strife, environmental degradation, neglect, and encroachment by development which compromises some sites' historical/cultural integrity. Here's that troubled list:
    UNESCO World Heritage Centre - List of World Heritage in Danger
    UNESCO World Heritage Centre
  • Plenty of non-Portuguese have heard of fado, but very few of this country's other UNESCO World Heritage song tradition, called "cante alentejano" - polyphonic, a capella, and named after the region where it originated, the Alentejo, which borders Spain. Here's a UNESCO video which gives a good overview:
  • Samarkand is a UNESCO sites that's a fabled Silk Road "Crossroad of Cultures," and Uzbekh authorities have been restoring and rebuilding mosques, palaces, and other historic landmarks since Soviet times. But National Geographic recently reported that concerns about how they have been going about it in Samarkand have been coming increasingly to the fore. Read about the controversy here:
    The controversy behind this Silk Road city’s ancient wonders
    In Uzbekistan, debate simmers around whether restoration in Samarkand preserves or erases history.
  • An interesting video of about the royal palaces of Abomey, a UNESCO World Heritage. Located a three-hour drive inland from Benin's capital Porto-Novo and 2½ from its largest city Cotonou, the compound was the centre of the Dahomey kingdom which from 162 through the end of the 19th century became rich and powerful especially thanks to the transatlantic slave trade. Dahomey conquered surrounding peoples, then sold them to European slavers. It's a sobering reminder that the evils of chattel slavery were the responsibility not just of white Europeans by of black Africans victimising other black Africans:
  • In honor of Black History Month in the USA, MSN's Travel Noire channel cites top historic sites in sub-Saharan Africa, many inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage list.
  • Have  you ever been to Cote Divoire  to  visit Grand Bassam , a great old  Unesco city.Come and visit this great place and you will love it

  • Oasis Eco Camp is an exclusive family friendly, alcohol free getaway on the shores of Lake Elementaita Kenya. Set in the midst of a natural acacia forest and bushes, it is home to abundant birdlife, with the lake area boasting of over 450 species of birds.

    The camp provides a serene, quiet and peaceful natural environment, conducive for romantic getaways, family retreats, friends getaways, birding enthusiasts, bush weddings and for corporate team building. The camp has been designed with minimum impact on the environment.

    Accomodation ranges from self catering cottages, catered bandas, safari style large walk in tents to a campsite by the Lake. All the rooms are furnished with comfortable rustic beds with warm  linen and are suited with clean modern flush toilets with hot showers and are solar powered.

    Attractions and activities include,birding walks along the lake with a dip at the lakes hotspring, hiking and biking to nearby hills, bush breakfasts by the lake. Being centrally located, the camp can be used as a base to tours Lake Nakuru Park, Menengai Crater, Kariandusi prehistoric site and Hells Gate park . Its proximity from Nairobi, an hour and half's drive from city towards Nakuru, makes it the perfect GETAWAY!

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