A brief guide to flashlights & lanterns for camping


Anyone who's been camping knows how dark it gets out there at night; I have been to some campsites that I can hardly see my hand in front of my eyes. Lighting is an essential when out camping. I have been camping for over 26 years and have found that everyone should have their own flashlight and a lantern or two for the campsite itself. Nothing worse than tripping over a piece of wood for the fire and falling when you can't see a thing. I always have two or more flashlights over the recommended one flashlight per person. That way when and if your batteries run out you always have a spare. Some flashlights are better than others, and in all those years amassing many different kinds, I've found that flashlights using a six-volt battery are usually brighter and last longer. They also tend to be larger, and you may not prefer that, but there is also a variety of other options out there.

Some lights with florescent bulbs and some that have mantles and use liquid fuel. My personal favorite is liquid-fuel lanterns because they are so much brighter and when you are cooking after dark, seeing is imperative. Here's a rundown of the your main options:

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