• More than likely it's affiliate deals where a web surfer clicks on a display ad on a travel blogger's site.

    HOWEVER, I believe Travel Bloggers and Travel Agents should be working together in strategic partnerships. They are stronger together than working independent. The Travel Blogger does what they do best in creating marketing content on a daily basis to generate interest in travel and customer leads. The Travel Agent does what they do best in finding the best values and booking travel. The travel bloggers need to monetize their marketing efforts and the travel agents need lead generation. They work together to make more money.


    • Thanks, George. As always, your take on things makes sense. Have a good holiday.

  • Jacquie, I really don't know. What I've heard is that some non-agents are doing this sort of work for lower fees than agents would accept, but I'm not sure what to make of it, either. Is this just click-through commissions, or are they actually conferring with potential clients and performing agent-like services for them? I'm hoping someone else might be more clued-in than I am. 

  • I have not heard of this.  Can you tell me more about what it is?


    Jacquie Whitt

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