• I run .  Prior to that, I served as Captain in the U. S. Air Force, Pilot/Station Manager with Air America [a CIA owned airline in Asia], Owner/Manager of a Steak House in McAllen Texas, Manager–International Operations with AMR [American Airlines] and International Sales for American Medical Supply.  In addition, I bring more than 40 years of worldwide travel in all areas of the world [except Australia and New Zealand], and have lived overseas 30 of those 40 years.  I now focus on Panama  and look forward to settling down there ASAP.  The 5 things I can't live without are    1/ Love  2/ Friends  3/ Good Ribeyes  4/ Good Bourbon and 5/ Traveling.  When I travel, I prefer going by Bus - once I get to my destination country.  And, as noted, my favorite destination is Panama.  I read Westerns - don't watch many movies but when I do, I like Action [John Wayne], my music is quality Classical and Jazz [Saxophone - Charlie Bird Guitar] and I like FOOD - [[I had a restaurant in McAllen Tx with the best ribeyes in the area]].   I am a quiet guest and like good conversation - and reading [when I am not out traveling the local countryside].  I am not in position to Host just now, but hope to ASAP.  And my Life Motto "The Golden Rule - but be Nicer"
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