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Spectacular train rides without leaving home

  You’re enjoying an adventure for the senses as you journey through the soaring Alps Mountains in Switzerland.  You immediately understand why the magnificent view that surrounds you in Colorado inspired the words of “America the Beautiful.”   You channel Harry Potter during a ride over the towering viaduct that the Hogwarts Express crossed in the popular film series.   These and other equally dramatic, experiences can be yours while you travel no farther than the chair in front of your…

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Riding Canada's Rocky Mountaineer Railroad

On the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Banff; the views out of the huge windows can be enjoyed from the comfortable seat of your carriage. I don't think we’ve ever had such VIP treatment on any form of service anywhere. From the moment the coach came to pick us up at the hotel, the level of care we received from the Rocky Mountaineer people was almost embarrassing. read post

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Madrid's superb subway marks one century this year

  The last decade of the 19th century and the first of the 20th saw a spate of big cities - mostly in Europe and the USA - launch a new era of urban transit by opening underground rail systems. And we as travellers can be extremely grateful, as these wide-ranging Undergrounds make exploring many of the world's great metropolises marvelously convenient. Nowhere is that more true than in Spain's capital, whose Metro is the seventh longest globally, even though Madrid  ranks just 50th in…

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  • A Tripatini member asks a good question about train travel from Florence to Switzerland. Can you help?
  • If you're looking for a great place to enjoy train spotting, consider the Potters Inn. We are just a few short miles from High Bridge. The majestic High Bridge railroad structure, considered an engineering marvel of its time and featured by the Smithsonian Institute, is an honored landmark that spans the Kentucky River at the breathtaking Gorge and Palisades. When built in 1877 it was the highest railroad trestle in the world.

  • Today on The World on Wheels...let's take a trip back in time to the Wild West days. It's a steam train journey along the California - Mexico border:
    The World on Wheels
    An ongoing adventure of travel and living while using a wheelchair. Tim has been disabled from birth. Darryl is his father and caregiver who travel…
  • The Potters Inn is a historical home in Wilmore and was relocated to this site from across the street when the original site was sold to a development company. One of the city planners insisted that the Inn be placed in such a way as to make it a perfect place for train spotting. I guess she knew what she was doing! My train spotting guests have helped me to see more than "just another train" when they pass by.

  • Well, you really are in a great location, near the RR line that leads NE to Lexington.
  • I've got a guest who loves to say at The Potters Inn because he says it's a great location for train spotting. Apparently we are a hub of activity! Often he and his wife head down to the tracks to photograph and video tape passing trains, but they love that they can watch from the porch, or even wake up in the middle of the night to record details on a passing train... They sleep with the window cracked open so they don't miss a sound.
  • National Train Day in the U.S. is tomorrow, May 7th, 2011.  Grand Canyon Railway will be running our Baldwin Mikado steam locomotive No. 4960 with 1923 Harriman-style Pullman cars Saturday and Sunday on runs from 10:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m.  Join in the festivities there or at major Amtrak stations such as Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, DC where passenger equipment is on display.
  • New post on Green Prophet: Travellers want trains, but what is the Middle East doing about it?
  • Friendly People, Good Food & a Railway Museum: That’s Colonna (Rome, Italy)!


    By BuzzInRome


    A 30 minute ride by train from Roma Termini, a unique open air railway museum and great Roman food. Don’t they make up for an exciting and relaxing half day escape?

    Colonna is on the Rome-Cassino line. If you disembark and walk down the hill to the supermarket rooftop carpark, you will find a convenient coffee shop for first port of call.

    Then proceed across the main road, in fact the old Consul road (Via Casilina - Highway 6) between Rome and Monte Cassino, and the axis of much fighting in World War Two between the German Army and the combined USA/NZ Forces. Immediately across the road and just 100 metres from the main station, is the delightful Ferrovia-Museo della Stazione di Colonna, still being developed by a wonderful team of volunteers.

    The museum features a great deal of Narrow Gauge rolling stock, an exhibition gallery in the form of a restored goods shed, the Station Master office and residence and much more. On the ground floor are some wonderful displays from the remnant railway, which used to operate all the way in to Termini. Upstairs there are some railway models and also there is a recreation of a wartime radio signals station.

    After this inspiring visit, you may choose to walk 200 metres or so back to Rome and on the left hand side you will encounter Osteria Il Bersagliere with regional fresh flavours to die for and good value, regional prices.

    With the distant views across Tivoli and snow-capped mountains in winter and early spring, this location is an absolute delight, local people are particularly friendly and helpful, and both the museum and the restaurant are within easy walking distance of the railway station.  

    Happily enough, on a Saturday you can take the afternoon trains (you need to double check on day of travel) for a pleasant run downhill back in to Roma Termini.

    What are you waiting for, then?

    There is Much More than the Vatican and the Colosseum!
  • @NorthesastNews...The reason "the United States can't do any of this" at this point is two-fold. First, we have not invested in high-speed passenger rail in this country in any truly meaningful way from the time the Shinkansen debuted in 1964 until now (and no, Amtrak's Acela does NOT count). The reason we haven't is because Congress, at the behest of a variety of anti-rail lobby groups (airlines, aircraft makers, highway construction, auto, oil), have been trying to kill off passenger rail in this country for decades. The tables are only now starting to turn...and they may yet be reversed if certain political forces get their way.
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