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SEO for travel industry companies

scyther5 As a travel company - whether you're a tour operator, travel agent, hotel, transportation provider, destination management company, or whatever - or  you are certainly wondering how you can get the most out of search-engine optimization. With a well thought out SEO strategy, you can win over users. In addition, they rank higher in Google searches, which generates additional traffic. Search-engine optimization (SEO) basically includes all measures that help to improve the ranking of…

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Know about the famous places to visit in Jammu City

if you are planning to visit the jammu and kashmir then you must know about the places which are famous for the tourists in jammu city there multiple places with many specialties and history you must know about shivkhori temple in jammu and if you are looking for the shopping place in Jammu then do not forget to visit Raghunath Bazar jammu

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How brands can manage a travel-industry crisis like coronavirus

Travel isn’t always a bed of roses. There are natural disasters, tainted products, bad actors, data breaches, regional and global viruses, and events big and small that require industries to step up, speak up, and do whatever it takes to care of their employees and customers.  As the coronavirus outbreak tops more than 134,000 in more than a hundred countries, it’s an appropriate time to offer advice on how to handle an industry crisis. read post

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Become Part of Morocco

Our small group tours designed to explore the sights and sound of Morocco, from big cities such as Casablanca and Marrakesh to the dusty rock of the high Atlas, join us as we comp under the desert stars, discover the lost time relaxing by the sea in Essaouira. If you`re looking for a vacancy, holiday, business trip or even a honeymoon, you got in the right place with Morocco Arukikata, our costumers are our family and friends... We offer arrange of tours in Morocco ranging from 3 days to 15…

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  • Travel agency specialised in Cameroon travel.

  • Nice shots !!






  • Faces of People of Nepal Slideshow: Gorkhali’s trip from Kathmandu, Nepal to was created by TripAdvisor. See another Nepal slideshow. Create a free slideshow with music from your travel photos.

  • Some Activities in Nepal Slideshow: Himalayan’s trip from Kathmandu, Nepal to was created by TripAdvisor. See another Nepal slideshow. Create your own stunning free slideshow from your travel photos.

  • Kenya is a fantastic place to spend time volunteering abroad with children in orphanages and day care centers, teaching in local schools, assist the doctors and nurses in the health clinics and hospitals, work in an HIV/AIDS program and participate in youth activities. There is an increase in the number of orphans which are left in the community with no family members to care for them. In the orphanages that do exist, staff struggle with limited resources to feed, cloth, and educate the children in their care. Staff all too often simply doesn’t have the time to provide the individual love and attention that these children need so they can have as normal a childhood as possible. Women and children continue to suffer due to lack of proper medical care and shortage of doctors, nurses and social workers in the hospitals in both urban and rural areas, Due to poverty that has rocked the nation, people often avoid attending health facilities due to financial constrain, most of the people encounter premature death as a result of depression and inability to take care of them and the overwhelming number of children or students in a single class has called for a great need of volunteers who can speak and write English to assist these communities. Additionally the volunteer gains experience within the culture and work environment.

    We would like to call upon volunteers who are willing to participate in the above programs depending on their interest, capability, experience, professionalism and or just have the passion to help the needy. KVCDP works directly in the communities and with the community members who are in dire need to bring a change and make a difference in their situation.
    Program Schedules, Requirements and Provisions
    Volunteers can participate in most of the programs any time of year and can also choose their start dates and end dates of participation. Volunteers work alongside local professionals. People without special skills, professional qualifications or previous experience also volunteer in some of our programs in Kenya. People with the initiative, drive and compassion to help the under-privileged in overcoming their challenges and their struggle for dignity and experience foreign cultures are welcome to participate in the programs. Volunteers should have strong work ethic, ability to work independently or as part of a team, and willingness to follow direction; and good interpersonal skills, flexibility, and a sense of humor. Volunteers should be able to speak English. We accommodate both individual and group volunteers.
    The number of daily working hours and weekly working days of the volunteers is flexible. Volunteers will work in the mornings and/or afternoons, a maximum of 5 days a week, 4 hours to 8 hours a day. Participants of our programs can stay for a period of 2 up to 12 weeks but any volunteer who would like to shorten or extend their stay should inform the coordinator in advance. Participants stay with host families (home-stay) or other. The host families are carefully selected, well screened, respectable, caring and friendly people with many years of good reputation. Three meals daily and tea or coffee every evening. Room accommodation with lock and bed are provided to the volunteers throughout their visit/stay.
    A large group of volunteers with a number of 50 or more people who want to stay together at one house can be accommodated at high school dormitories, church facility and other. Volunteers should be 18 to 70 years of age. Children below the age of 18 who wish to volunteer in our program should have permission from their parents. Children below the age of 16 must be accompanied by one or both of their parents to our program. Applications should be received at least two weeks in advance to organize a volunteer work placement and accommodation for the volunteers. Volunteers who wish to combine their volunteering experience with Safaris can do so and this can be organized during your placement.

    Program Dates January to December 2012 (2 weeks program)
    January 9th to 23rd 2012
    February 6th to 20th 2o12
    March 5th to 9th 2012
    April 2nd to 16th 2012
    April 30th to 14th 2012
    May 28th to 11th 2012
    June 18th to 2nd 2012
    July 9th to 23rd 2012
    August 30th to 13th 2012
    August 20th to 3rd 2012
    September 10th to 24th 2012
    October 1st to 15th 2012
    November 12th to 26th 2012
    December 3rd to 17th 2012

    VOLUNTEER/PROGRAM FEE FOR YEAR 2012 (this applies to all programmes.)

    • Cost for two weeks US$ 527
    • Cost for three weeks US$ 634
    • Cost for one Month US$ 741
    • Cost for five weeks US$ 848
    • Cost for six weeks US$ 955
    • Cost for seven weeks US$ 1062
    • Cost for two Months US$ 1169






    Volunteers pay additional USD 100 (one hundred usd)for every week thereafter.

    Volunteers pay fees to help sustain and cater for the local projects and communities involved. Your fees enable us to directly contribute to the goals and needs of the your placement. The resources within these communities are very much limited and cannot support your costs for meals, accommodation, transportation and supervision etc.

    Airport Pick-up: On Arrival in Nairobi and Departure: Once you give us your flight details our project co-ordinator and a driver will be at the JKIA airport to pick you up.
    Orientation: Including important pre-departure information as well as on-site orientation on local culture, history and customs.
    Placement arrangement: All your placement arrangement and well being while volunteering is our big concern and priority and ensure your placement is secure and safe. Our coordinator will provide whatever support you may need at any step along and our supervisor will always assist at the ground.
    Accommodations/Meals: We carefully select host family connecting you to the culture and social, economic and political events in the community and country. You are provided with three meals a day and you will be flexible to intervene and assist in cooking/food preparation etc.
    Transportation to the project: Volunteers are transported to and from their placement location by shared bus/shuttle.
    Certificate of Completion/Participation: You will be provided with a certificate showing your participation with us and a recommendation letter as an appreciation for having chosen to volunteering with us.
    Farewell: Is arranged on the last day either at the host family, School, or at the Community resouce center as a way of appreciating your time and ability to give to the community in need. It is a day of exchanging gifts and celebrate for having successfully worked with people you didn't know before.






    *All volunteers must be 18 years and above.
    * A medical background is required for the Medical/Health Program.
    * Have a positive attitude and be flexible to adjust to the living conditions.
    * English speaking.

    If you still want to volunteer with us, fill out the application form. Upon receipt of your form we will contact you within two working days.

    * All applicants will be notified by email on their placement and will be given a pre-departure information before arrival......Return to the program page, click here..

  • Trade media outlet seeking pros' advice to those starting out in travel industry. To reply, please click on this link to to Ask A Travel Pro, thanks!

  • http://www.allistanbultours.com/ | Discover through private and group
    tours the main attractions of Istanbul, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Antalya, Cappadocia,
    Gallipoli, Troy and many more with OneNation Travel Agency. Travel in comfort in
    luxury vehicles and enjoy the history and culture of this great country with the
    help of professional tour guides. Special day tours from Istanbul for cruise
    passengers are easily arranged with pick-up and drop-off services from the
    cruise port in private A/C vehicles. All tour programs are fully flexible
    and can be customized to meet specific touring requirements.

  • A Tripatini tour operator member is seeking a land-tours partner in Luang Prabang, Laos. If interested, please click on this link to our Ask A Travel Expert forum.
  • “Once in a lifetime trip”


    As you all might know by now, FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) have changed their required number of days allocated to a level one qualification to 60 days from next year. The EcoTraining 28 day FGASA qualification will be your last chance to do a 28 day course with the FGASA exam. We decided to make this a “once in a lifetime” opportunity.

     Participants will be trained in 3 different reserves as part of the 28 day program; the training will include reserves in South Africa and Mashatu Game reserve in Botswana. The staring date for this specialist 28 day FGASA course is November the 25th 2011. (Remember you don’t have to do this as a career, you can also do it as part of the adventure of a lifetime)

    We started in 1993 with a mission to raise the standard of guiding in Africa.
    EcoTraining is the oldest field guide training company in Africa. We were one of the first companies to conduct formal training programmes for nature guides. We are known in the industry as the pioneers and leaders in
    field guide and nature training.

    For more than a decade, we have been sending people of all ages into the African wilderness to learn about the environment in exciting, in-depth and sensitive ways and to find out what it really takes to become a game ranger or a field guide

    Don’t miss the last opportunity to get both your EcoTraining as well as your FGASA qualification while exploring reserves in South Africa and Botswana. For more information contact enquiries@ecotraining.co.za or phone +27 (0) 13 752 5248. Space is limited on this course, visit www.ecotraining.co.za for more information on the 28 day course.


  • You can now get updates from Kenya Tourism on http://southernsafarisandtravel.com/category/write-reviews-on-south...
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