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SEO for travel industry companies

scyther5 As a travel company - whether you're a tour operator, travel agent, hotel, transportation provider, destination management company, or whatever - or  you are certainly wondering how you can get the most out of search-engine optimization. With a well thought out SEO strategy, you can win over users. In addition, they rank higher in Google searches, which generates additional traffic. Search-engine optimization (SEO) basically includes all measures that help to improve the ranking of…

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Know about the famous places to visit in Jammu City

if you are planning to visit the jammu and kashmir then you must know about the places which are famous for the tourists in jammu city there multiple places with many specialties and history you must know about shivkhori temple in jammu and if you are looking for the shopping place in Jammu then do not forget to visit Raghunath Bazar jammu

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How brands can manage a travel-industry crisis like coronavirus

Travel isn’t always a bed of roses. There are natural disasters, tainted products, bad actors, data breaches, regional and global viruses, and events big and small that require industries to step up, speak up, and do whatever it takes to care of their employees and customers.  As the coronavirus outbreak tops more than 134,000 in more than a hundred countries, it’s an appropriate time to offer advice on how to handle an industry crisis. read post

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Become Part of Morocco

Our small group tours designed to explore the sights and sound of Morocco, from big cities such as Casablanca and Marrakesh to the dusty rock of the high Atlas, join us as we comp under the desert stars, discover the lost time relaxing by the sea in Essaouira. If you`re looking for a vacancy, holiday, business trip or even a honeymoon, you got in the right place with Morocco Arukikata, our costumers are our family and friends... We offer arrange of tours in Morocco ranging from 3 days to 15…

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  • URGENT: Tripatini Needs Your Travel Insurance Stories Within the Next 24 Hours

    Do you sell travel insurance to your customers? Are pre-existing conditions excluded? Is it difficult for someone with, say, cancer to buy travel insurance through your provider?

    Or, as an individual, have you been turned down when buying travel insurance because of pre-existing medical conditions? Have you been quoted astronomical rates because of your condition? Or maybe you've bought travel insurance, only to have your broken ankle claim denied because of (totally unrelated) pre-existing cancer?

    Tripatini editor-in-chief David Paul Appell needs to hear from you within 24 hours (no later than 12 noon US Eastern Time on Thursday, April 15, 2010) for a BBC World News story for which he is serving as a source. If your anecdote is selected, you may be quoted.

    Anyone in any country may reply.

    Please post your replies on the Bulletin Board.

    Your help is much appreciated!
  • I have had the best service at Precise.Travel. He is the most hard working travel agent that I have ever worked with. It doesn’t matter if it is hotels, cruises, sightseeing tour or whatever. He does her absolute best to get you the most reasonable price. http://www.checkinturkey.com or http://www.anzacdayonline.com
  • Istanbul Istanbul !
    Starts from 25 € !
    Tour Istanbul
  • Hello,

    My company, Scopia LLC in Milwaukee, WI, USA, is working to create a very unique software for travelers and travel agents. The software is still being developed but in the meantime, we are seeking potential partners who are registered or licensed tour operators in any country around the world (see #4 below).

    The software uses artificial intelligence to guide travelers and travel agents to the tourism products they want/need in a particular destination. This is not an attempt to sell you software and there is no need for you to pay for anything. What I am seeking here is tour operators who can accept the reservations which result from the software bookings.

    1. I am seeking one tour operator for each country, except in cases of very large countries or where there is a proven need to have more than one tour operator.

    2. You will be asked to sign a secrecy agreement (NDA). Your company will not be considered without this signed document.

    3. English is the preferred method of communications.

    4. We already have partners in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Malta.

    If interested, please send your contact details to info@scopia.biz. There is no promise of cooperation as a result of this request. It is only a preliminary check for general interest on your behalf.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Ophir Ben-Yitschak
  • Bonaire Beach Resort special $75/nt $499/week$1999/mth ,Tel 005999- 5115106.

  • Tripatini Needs Your Opinion: Is the New $10 Tourist Tax on Foreign Visitors Good for the U.S. Travel Industry? Please reply on our Bulletin Board post. Thanks!
  • Interesting and thoughtful response to the Update on the Business of Travel/Tourism in Europe discussion (above) by Aaltje van Zoelen, a man who wears many hats--and wears them well.
  • HI all, I just posted a question in the discussion forum above. I'd really appreciate your input!
  • We think we have the cheapest way to see all the action for the entire month with our Exclusive World Cup Party Safari's

    At the moment they are only available to follow England & Denmark but can be arranged for other companies and smaller groups.

    What do you think of the price and the concept?


  • I've always regarded nature as the clothing of God.I ‘m a tours&travel consultant, your online / offline mentor and charitable person working with the Humanitarian organization(Non-profit/N.g.o) on part time, to help the less fortunate in my society .I also run a tour firm(http://www.MySocialURL.com/r/gordon/) whereby 5% of the sales proceeds goes to this Charitable organization(http://www.lecdenkenya.com).Together we can make a difference to vulnerable Children/ women/People lives

    Eyes on Nature Expeditions is big enough to fully cover all your tour requirements yet small enough to empathetically involve itself in your tour with quality personalized /customized services.

    Other services provided by Eyes on Nature Expeditions include:-
    • International and domestic airline ticketing;
    • Tailor made FIT (Fully Inclusive Tour) International itineraries to suit your client’s needs;
    • Long or short tour packages within Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Seychelles;
    • Incentive tour programs which includes stays in prime properties and exotic locations;
    • Airport/hotel/Airport transfers;
    • City and local excursions;
    • Shopping itineraries;
    • Airport transfers;
    • Conferencing and event management;
    • Special interest groups such as Golfing, Honeymoon, Bird watching, Fishing safaris and others.

    We aim to create that special relationship which converts our business partners and visitors into life long friends!
    Yours Sincerely,

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