Once known as Ceylon, this mostly Buddhist island country in the Indian Ocean has had its share of strife but also charms visitors lovely scenery, historic places, seductive beaches, tasty eats, & friendly people.

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A great video summing up the allures of Sri Lanka

A couple of years ago, Indian travel platform Tripoto put together a cool vid putting together an overview of their country's large island neighbor to the south - and it sure paints a pretty picture of its cities, towns, eco treasures, anicent ruins, beaches, and more. SL was never in my top ten of wanna-visits, but seeing this made me reconsider, for sure!}  

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Sri Lanka's beaches are the best in the Indian Ocean

This island country south of India is a year-round destination which is home to stunning yet affordable beach resorts, and among other things offering fabulous sandy beaches and some of the most exciting surf in the Indian Ocean. These beaches range from buzzing to deserted, sprinkled with fishing villages and coconut groves or backed by national parks. Some are good for swimming, others best for surfing or diving. There are turtle nesting grounds and coral reefs with multi-coloured fish. Once…

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Why is Sri Lanka on ourblogger's list of '10 Remarkable Places to Visit Before You Die'?

It's a wide world full of wonders, and articles "places to see before you die" have become commonplace in recent years. Thinking about the question, I have my own list, and it includes not just the expected, but also some places you might not expect. Let's have a look - and if you agree, disagree, or have your own bucket-listers, please tell me about them in the comments! read post

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Sri Lanka's elephant orphanage near Kandy

Admit it. It is tough to visualize an elephant orphanage.  Visions of elephants in shorts like Oliver Twist asking “please sir may I have another” were short lived in my great expectations, however they were not replaced with anything very clear. Originally set up by the government to care for abandoned or orphaned elephants it has now turned into a major tourist attraction and seems to be the economic cornerstone of a small village outside of Kandy named Pinnewala...read complete post

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  • Sri Lanka was looking for a post-COVID-19 rebound for its tourism sector, but instead, its massive economic crisis - the biggest since independence, and which is even now bringing protesters out into the street and putting pressure on the president to resign - is causing food and fuel shortages and crushing hopes for tourism's recovery in 2022: https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/sri-lankas-economic-cris...
    Sri Lanka's economic crisis dashes hopes for post COVID-19 tourism recovery
    With its ancient fort and sandy beaches, the city of Galle on Sri Lanka's southern coast should be awash with holidaymakers at this time of year.
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  • Did you know that you can also go whale-watching in Sri Lanka? Check out this recent cetacean encounter on our blog.

  • Hello all! I go to Sri Lanka end of April 2012. My maternal family is from there and i hope to visit family (my nans brothers and sisters), and travel the country as much i can. Family are in colombo at the moment, originally from Jaffna.... ive got 10 days. Read a bit about a real cool train journey that is a must. Ideas anyone? 

    Aside to Buzzy: Fancy seeeing you here. Hope all is well. 

  • Hi,

    Headed to SL just for a few days. Does anyone have a recommendation for a nice but cheap place to stay in Galle District? Alternatively, are there day tours from Colombo to Galle?



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  • Forget Africa's "Big Five": Sri Lanka tourism authorities leverage their own "Big 4" to lure wildlife lovers.
  • Here's a very brief video of traditional Sri Lanka dance at the 2010 New York Times Travel Show. Sorry for the quality, this was shot on my iPhone!

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