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Colombia's astonishing Cathedral of Salt

Religious art and architecture at their best aim at the transcendental. But there are a few structures out there in the world that can quite compare to Colombia's Catedral de Sal, in the city of Zipaquirá, situated on a plain less than an hour from capital Bogotá. Part of the Greater Bogotá Metropolitan Area, this charming city of nearly 125,000 dates back to 1600 and still preserves a picturesque colonial core that alone would be worth the drive from Bogotá. But its main attraction - and one…

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8 splendid stops along Spain's Way of St. James pilgrimage route

It’s that time of year again. In Spain, practically every day is the “feast day” of at least one Catholic saint. But the most famous of all is today, the Feast of Santiago (St. James the Greater), a disciple of Jesus Christ whose relics after his martyrdom tradition says were transported to Galicia (today, northwest Spain). Entombed and forgotten, they were rediscovered in the early 9th century and a cathedral was built around them, around which grew the city of Santiago de Compostela, becoming…

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Practicing Zen and Zazen north of Tokyo

In these times of stress and uncertainty, it is relieving to know that once we can travel again, there are places in the world that offer the healing qualities of reflection, tranquility and mindfulness. Japan is one of those places. Practicing Zen in Japan In Japan, the school of Zen involves practicing Zazen (meditation) and mindfulness, which can be achieved by the act of Shakyo (hand copying of Buddhist sutras. Both Zazen and Shakyo may help calm the mind and reduce anxiety. In under two…

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5 top spiritual spots in/around Kathmandu

At a height of around 1,400 meters (4,600 feet) up in the Himalaya Mountains, the capital of Nepal (pop. 2.5 million) remains an exotic magnet for travelers from all over the world looking to quench their wanderlust, whether they visit independently or with Kathmandu tour packages. And for very good reason this is dubbed "the city of temples" - most of them of the 80-percent-majority Hindu religion but also sites very important to Buddhism, especially as this region is held by tradition to be…

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  • The Holy Grail is one of Christianity's most legendary symbols. Could it be that all along it's actually been here under our noses, in the cathedral of Valencia, Spain? Have a look at this article/video from BBC Travel and see what you thinK https://www.bbc.com/travel/article/20220414-does-spain-have-the-hol...
    Does Spain have the Holy Grail?
    Spain's Valencia Cathedral houses a relic that may be the Holy Chalice used by Jesus at the Last Supper – it has the right size, material, and histor…
  • There are many spiritual & religious destination in India that you can explore while you re visiting there with Religious destinations of India

  • I wish to see you in my Next Spiritual Journey to Egypt ..Nov. 2013.

    It's a life time Journey to the Land of the Pharaohs.

    Love and Light .

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  • Christmas 2011: the Best Cribs and Nativites In & Around Rome


    Christmas 2011: the Best Cribs and Nativites In & Around Rome | BuzzInRome
    Living or traditional, Neapolitan or standard, with orange branches or terracotta figurines, cribs are everywhere in Italy during Christmas time! Her…
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