Defined as the lifting of paying passengers beyond Earth's atmosphere for essentially recreational purposes, commercial space tourism essentially began in 2001 with the trip of a U.S. financial entrepreneur aboard a Russian Soyuz and has since been dominated by companies including Axiom Space, Blue Origin, SpaceX, and Virgin Galactic.

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XCOR went Bankrupt in 2017

My story is that I was one of the original travel agents interested in selling the Lynx.  It was difficult.  The price was lower than Virgin Galactic and the idea was novel.  I didn't have clientele interested in that type of extreme adventure.  About a year after the XCOR launch, they released my contract for no sales.  It seemed that they also didn't have a marketing team.  I am sure I have the original brochure somewhere. then again, I might have put it in the recycle bin.  I still have…

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  • Just caught this in Salon, and I daresay it's a no-brainer:
    Elon Musk makes climate change worse: A new study confirms space tourism is destroying the planet
    Elon Musk has depicted himself as a foe of climate change, but a new study undermines that claim
  • Space tourism picking up the pace in 2022 with another milestone, as three billionaire space tourists return this week from a paid NASA ride to/from International Space Station:
    Star trek: three rich men return from Nasa’s first foray into space tourism | Nasa | The Guardian
    This was the first time Nasa opened its space hatches to tourists, who paid $55m for a week, which was extended to nearly 17 days
  • About a week ago, Virgin Galactic opened general online registration for its first commercial orbital flights, slated to start late this year. Got $450K lying around? Check out the details here:
    You Can Now Book a Ticket to Outer Space
    Virgin Galactic reopened online registration in February 2022 for its first commercial flights beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. Tickets are from $450,0…
  • space tourism is definitely becoming a reality with RocketShip Tours, Space Adventures, and Virgin Galactic all getting into the game....

  • I want to be in THIS group!!!! Big Time Trekkie!!!!
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