Going it alone? Male or female -- and especially female -- you face your own special issues, problems, and of course joys. Let's hear all about 'em.

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5 of the world's best countries for solo travel

Travelling alone can be bliss and traveling alone might even change your entire life. If you are a wanderer and looking for an escape from your routine, solo travel is the best thing you can do. But it's important to choose the right destination. Here are five of best countries that are ideal for solo travel. read post

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10 tips for solo travel

Make an itinerary: If you are going to be travelling solo, it’s a good idea to make an itinerary so that you always have something to do. Take a look at Google for some of the best things to do in the area, whether it be museums, restaurants or night life. That way you’ll always be busy! Make sure to also note down any admission prices, times and ticket requirements so that you are prepared. Travelling solo means you’ll have a lot of off time where you’ll be lost in your thoughts (which might…

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5 tips for men traveling solo

People like to travel alone for a number of different reasons. While some prefer the intimacy coupled with freedom of traveling all by themselves, others simply travel solo because they couldn't find the right partner or a friend to go along with them. More often than not, people make plans with their friends only to have those friends cancel at the last possible moment. Traveling alone can result in much-needed introspection and self-discovery, only with drinks, food and the prospect of…

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  • It takes one person to go there and come back to tell their friends what a good time they had in order to change perceptions. This is what Sorrell Golding did, and now she has written an inspiring article that hopefully, as she puts it, will give Sierra Leone the acknowledgement it deserves for being such a friendly, stunning, unforgettable country! To read the article, please click here.

  • Hi all,
    I'm a solo backpacker and, last time I checked, a woman and have already experienced my fair share of highs and lows. This is my first solo journey and already 3 out of 12 weeks into it! Join me as I go through the emotions and figure out important life and personal lessons along the way!
  • Kudos to Europe-oriented Costa Cruises for reducing the single cabin supplement to 30% instead of the usual 100%. Even thought I'm sure they did it not because it was the right thing to do but by the need in these tough times to get more people onto their ships. Hopefully other lines will follow suit soon...
  • crete_chania.jpg

    How about a nice trip to Crete Greece, all the rooms are single occupancy and the hotel is singles only - Best Single Travel is taking over the entire hotel - July 6 - 13 on it's Kick Back in Crete Week. Or you can book anytime between April and October
  • I tried the roommate on a singles cruise and did not like him. i snore so that is a bad option.
  • Most singles cruises offer free roommate matching - so you only have to pay for a twin share - then you don't have to pay a single supplement and you are traveling with other single passengers. Singles Cruises also offer lots of extra activities too!
  • hi,

    Is there any way to avoid the single supplement on ships? Sometimes for an $800 cabin they want $1600. Freighter don't charge supplement.
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