A peaceful, French- and Wolof-speaking Muslim country in West Africa, outside capital Dakar are great beaches, nature, village culture and of course Goree Island, the slave-trade complex that was for many the jumping-off point for the Middle Passage. Warning to gay people, however: the current régime is even more violently homophobic than usual for Africa.

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Senegal cited in '12 Top Destinations for African-Diaspora Travel'

  Welcome to February! Since 1970, it's also been Black History Month in the USA, and since 1995 in Canada, as well (whereas it's observed in October in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands). And though the reason for the African diaspora was tragic and horrific - the brutal, centuries-long trafficking of human slaves - it has also enriched many parts of the world, and indeed, world culture as a whole. So what better way to kick BHM off than with a look at a dozen of the most…

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Casamance in south Senegal is an under-the-radar gem

  Senegal is one of West Africa's most popular countries for holidaymakers for good reason. There's its culturally and historically vibrant capital Dakar; its lovely Atlantic Ocean beaches; and truly amazing options for lovers of nature and adventure. A few months ago this blog laid out some particularly fetching eco-excursions out of..., and if that sort of thing floats your boat, you'll want to set aside another chunk of time to experience a swath of the country even farther afield. Just a…

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3 excellent excursions from Dakar

      Wee it may be, but the West Africa country of Senegal definitely punches above its weight when it comes to culture, nature, and historic sights on this continent. All that, plus a wonderful sense of taranga (hospitality in the local-majority Wolof language, spoken together with colonial-holdover French). Most visitors, of course, experience dynamic capital Dakar, with its exuberant street life, nightlife, and remarkable Gorée Island, site of several interesting museums as well as the…

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Youssou N'Dour cited in '12 Giants of World Music'

Globalization has been a sometimes controversial mixed bag in different areas and different parts of the world, but I think we can all agree that on the plus side, one of its grooviest benefits has been to bring to spread many of the exciting cultural achievements of societies much different from our own. Nowhere is this more exciting than in the field of “world music”, a term that came into vogue beginning in the 1980s to describe music both non-Western and non-mainstream Western. Initially…

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  • Late last year, a YouTube channel called The African Script - which tries to change the media narrative about the continent from the mainly negative - posted an interesting video about the history, people/culture, economy: https://youtu.be/PYHFRjhao8c
  • We have just received our copy of the Rough Guides First-Time Africa in which we are listed on page 405, under the 'Africa Specialist Operators' category. The entry states: "West Africa Discovery: One of the few companies specializing in West Africa , with unusual tours and a strong responsible travel ethos".




    We have a selection of sustainably managed responsible tourism projects just for you to discover. Work with us to create better places to visit and better places to live in, in West Africa.


    You can also join a community dedicated to travel in West Africa which explores the rich local heritage in a sustainable and responsible way. 

  • The June Edition of The Talking Drum, our monthly newsletter, is nearly ready for sending and we invite you to join us by subscribing to our mail list.

    By receiving it, you will discover our newly listed responsible tourism ideas based in West Africa, learn about current news, discussions and debates, and of course will support the development of responsible and sustainable tourism in the beautiful region of the world which is West Africa.

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  • Hi Mirelle - interesting to pick Senegal as a culinary destination. Can you send me some information at - mahmood.poonja@bestway.com
  • A big debate on the African Renaissance Monument in Dakar. Was it worth the cost - some say being as much as $ 27 million.
  • I am in the process of planning a culinary tour to Senegal. Any sights, local cultural experiences, etc. you know about would be helpful.
  • Has anyone seen the African Renaissance Monument in Dakar? It is Senegal's newly constructed signature attraction that just opened this April. It is taller than the Statue of Liberty. Learn more about it on my website AfricanDiasporaTourism.com.
  • My friend Ralph and his girlfriend stayed at that Caro Diallo whatever dance camp for a week last year. He said it was totally amazing!! Kind of rustic and the food was simple but very good and just really great music. He was already a drummer so I think for him learning some African techniques right from the master must've blown his mind, but I think anyone with a little sense of fun and adventure would get a kick out of it from what he told me. Maybe I'll get him to join Tripatini and post his videos.
  • West Africa Discovery (www.westafricadiscovery.com) , a web portal aiming to raise awareness towards West Africa and to promote sustainable/responsible tourism development through the listing of tours, accommodations and volunteer projects that strive towards the fulfilment of criteria outlined in the Cape Town, Kerala and Belize declarations on responsible tourism practices in destinations (http://www.westafricadiscovery.co.uk/responsible-tourism.html). We also aim to make West Africa Discovery the first port of call in the UK for referring tourists to Western African based Responsible Tourism projects.

    As a company we aim to help in the development of Responsible/Sustainable development in all West African countries by linking like minded people together to facilitate the sharing of ideas, educating by distributing Responsible Tourism related material to Tourism organisations and helping locally based individuals to develop ideas which will help to develop the concept in their country.

    We are committed to putting West Africa on the map as a destination that tourists would like to visit, and our vision is that through the West Africa Discovery project the listed accommodations and tours will provide benefits for local communities whilst respecting the natural, cultural, social and historical heritages in the destination.
  • Senegal may be mostly Muslim, but Christmas still has an impact here, and not just among the Christian minority. Find out how in this week's blog post, Palm Wine and Baobab: A West African Christmas.
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