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4 reasons you should take a road trip this summer

Summer is just around the proverbial corner, once again. Winter has faded away and with the warmer weather everyone is poking their heads out after a long hibernation. We all know that this means lighter clothing, patios, friendships that were neglected during the cold months, and of course a summer adventure. It's time for a vacation, to take advantage of the sun, and to make some memories. There are always the traditional destinations overseas but if you find yourself on a bit of a budget but…

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history road trips in the USA

This summer, Americans don't need to seek something exotic and adventurous abroad. The U.S. has plenty of adventures close at hand, from the storied Boston Harbor to a historic village in Ohio to the bridges of Yosemite Valley. Just as with the places we recommended for spring break travel, the sites we’ve selected for your summer travel pleasure tell a unique story about our American history. Unfortunately, these places are also threatened by neglect, insufficient funds, inappropriate…

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Need Rving info for an article

Hi! I am working on an article about RVing but I am not an RVer. So, I could use some help. I am looking for people willing to share information about RV vacations and / or choosing the RV lifestyle. This is for a publication geared toward Baby Boomers so respondents in that demograph are preferred. I'd like to hear funny anecdotes about your RVing adventure. What appeals to you about the RV roadtrip? How long have you been traveling this way? Who usually accompanies you on these trips? Where…

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