As more of us focus on giving back, minimizing social/environmental harm, & increasing world understanding, responsible/ethical tourism is becoming a hot travel trends, & one with deep implications for our planet & its people.

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Travel/hospitality companies taking a lead in environmental protection

  As Daniel and Martha Everett and their two children enjoyed a trip to Florida's Walt Disney World, their focus was on entertainment and excitement rather than the environment. And when Barbara and Andy Allen checked into a Boston hotel, they wanted to fit as many sights as possible into their two-day visit. They gave little thought to how their stay might impact the ecosystem. post      

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Keys to Airline Decarbonization: Biofuels

Epipelagic Commercial aviation (along with much of aviation in general) has for more than a decade now been committed to "green" development, with much of the sector now dedicated to reducing polluting emissions with a goal of net zero by 2050. To put this into perspective, this sector emits less than three percent of greenhouse gases into the Earth's atmosphere, whilst cattle raising is responsible for 19 percent; Internet servers more than two percent; and the information/communication…

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Responsible travel to the fore for Virgos in 'Using Astrology to Plan Travel this Holiday Season' Still vibrant and popular today, the five-thousand-year-old art of astrology can identify, say, business and romantic opportunities or challenges. And those celestial bodies slinking about the stars can also help pinpoint optimal times and places for travel. And since destinations have their own astro-charts -- which interact with yours -- astrology can even serve as a kind of spiritual travel agent. It can tell you, for example, about places likely to be harmonious or challenging…

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How Iberia is flying toward more sustainability

  Environmental sustainability - yes, you could say it's a "buzz phrase", but even so, it's a concept that all of us need to focus on in the years to come in order to save our planet's biosphere. Many businesses are stepping up to the plate, and Iberia is one of them, with initiatives including more efficient, emissions-reducing aircraft; electric airport vehicles; recycling of inflight waste; digitalisation of as many procedures as possible; and renewable energy in our facilities. It's a…

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  • More than most travel/hospitality players, ski/winter resorts are well acquainted with climte change and other environmental issues, and here's a look from CNN on how of some of the top spots around the world are going increasingly green (so to speak): (PESLING)
    10 of the world's most sustainable ski resorts | CNN
  • has an interesting piece on something called "regenerative travel" - worth a read!
  • A good question!
    The Travel Industry Has Ambitious Climate Goals. How Will It Meet Them?
    The travel industry has a long way to go to reach its climate ambitions of net-zero by 2050, but these companies and destinations are stepping up to…
  • Antarctica travel has been booming in recent years, of course. But Fodors recently published an article surveying the field and asking the question: is it really worth the environmental impact to check off another item on a "bucket list"?
    Antarctica Has Become a Popular Destination. But Should You Actually Go?
    Fodor's provides expert travel content worth exploring so you can dream up your next trip. The world is a weird and wonderful place—we want to show y…
  • Too many Caribbean islands succumb to the allure of cruise tourism, but Anguilla is a notable standout, citing its negative environmental impact. Of course, it's easier for them, since they make more from their exclusive, high-end brand of tourism. But commendable nonetheless!
    Stunning Caribbean island bans cruise ships - 'Not debatable'
    A CARIBBEAN island has said that cruise tourism is not worth the environmental impact. The Government has said it doesn't want to encourage cruise sh…
  • For the past dozen years, a blog started by the eponymous Points Guy, Brian Kelly, has evolved into an award-winning, and wide ranging authority on not just airline mileage programs but how-to travel in general, and a little while back published a great post on sustainable/responsible travel and how to do it:
    Ways you can travel more sustainably based on expert advice
    “Skip Machu Picchu and opt for Choquequirao — these Incan ruins only draw 20 visitors per day,” said Alexis Bowen, founder of sustainable travel star…
  • If you're interested in Africa safaris, you might want to give this a read:
    How to book an ethical safari: 10 things to consider
    If you want to make sure you're planning an ethical trip, here are 10 things to consider when you book that dream safari in Africa.
  • 10035134860?profile=RESIZE_930xFG Trade

    One of the great travel blogs I follow is Sand in My Suitcase, from British-Columbia-based (and Tripatini member) Janice Mucalov and her husband Geroge. Several months ago they published a thoughtful post on what it means to travel responsibly, minimizing harm to the planet and local societies while maximizing the benefits, with a lot of great examples across all travel sectors throughout the world, plus 30 tips on how each of us can put these concepts into action when we travel. They put a lot of though and effort into this, and because responsible travel is more vital than ever in our endangered biosphere, I urge you to read it:
    How to Be a Responsible Tourist: 30 Ethical Travel Tips | Sand In My Suitcase
    Yes, you CAN make a positive difference as a responsible tourist! Easy ways to travel responsibly include choosing eco-friendly hotels, packing a reu…
  • Thinking of a safari for 2014 in deluxe hotel,lodges and tented camps? Check out this itinerary that can help you out Kenya Serena Experience Safari

  • Oasis Eco Camp is an exclusive family friendly, alcohol free getaway on the shores of Lake Elementaita Kenya. Set in the midst of a natural acacia forest and bushes, it is home to abundant birdlife, with the lake area boasting of over 450 species of birds.

    The camp provides a serene, quiet and peaceful natural environment, conducive for romantic getaways, family retreats, friends getaways, birding enthusiasts, bush weddings and for corporate team building. The camp has been designed with minimum impact on the environment.

    Accomodation ranges from self catering cottages, catered bandas, safari style large walk in tents to a campsite by the Lake. All the rooms are furnished with comfortable rustic beds with warm  linen and are suited with clean modern flush toilets with hot showers and are solar powered.

    Attractions and activities include,birding walks along the lake with a dip at the lakes hotspring, hiking and biking to nearby hills, bush breakfasts by the lake. Being centrally located, the camp can be used as a base to tours Lake Nakuru Park, Menengai Crater, Kariandusi prehistoric site and Hells Gate park . Its proximity from Nairobi, an hour and half's drive from city towards Nakuru, makes it the perfect GETAWAY!

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