Through the newly launched site, travelers and locals alike are invited to experience the extraordinary living treasures of France.

PARIS, FRANCE (December 17, 2013) – Let WonderfulTime take you on an incomparable French journey, beginning with its newly launched site, WonderfulTime.com. Come to Paris to explore the mysteries of the iconic French baguette with a master baker. Travel through time with a French wine historian in his 17th-century cellar. Walk in the shoes of a certified auctioneer at an esteemed Parisian auction house. These are just a few examples of the exceptional encounters that WonderfulTime offers on WonderfulTime.com.

WonderfulTime believes that true luxury is found during authentic moments spent connecting with people. Founder and CEO Stéphanie Hajjar says, “Despite being the world’s top tourist destination, there are not enough premium tourism options in Paris. For Francophiles who visit regularly, and for visitors who are curious about the many facets of France’s cultural heritage, WonderfulTime is here. We add enchantment to the Parisian experience by focusing on the people, not just places.”

Appealing to both locals and visitors from around the globe, the talent behind WonderfulTime features connoisseurs, experts, and recognized authorities in their fields. Tours are available in French and English, and each experience opens the doors to a unique French world.

The desire to highlight the best that France has to offer lies behind each WonderfulTime experience:

  • Learn the secrets of the French palate – and surprise yours – with a culinary perfumer.
  • Step into the exotic life of the visionary Coco Chanel with a fashion historian and designer.
  • Explore the products and processes that produce the world's most beloved bread and pastry with a "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" (French Master Baker).
  • Golf on links between land and sea, with a coach who has worked with pros around the world.

After launching in beta in early November, WonderfulTime.com features universally positive feedback from trial customers from a variety of countries, including Australia, the United States, Russia, and Brazil. Additional WonderfulTime experiences are still being announced, so continue to check back regularly.

About WonderfulTime

WonderfulTime offers unique experiences for the discerning traveler. Our talents are recognized experts and connoisseurs in their specialty areas, and are motivated by a desire to share their passion and knowledge. Through our experiences, travelers and visitors have a rare opportunity to go behind the scenes and explore the worlds of French gastronomy, wine, fashion, the arts, and more. Follow WonderfulTime on Twitter @_WonderfulTime_ and Facebook, and visit WonderfulTime.com to see current tours available for booking.

Press Contact:

Ashley Chalmers, press@wonderfultime.com, 0033 679 88 83 20


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