Hi all.

I'm doing a story (quick turnaround, natch) on great public art in metro systems for AOL Travel. If we haven't worked together, please feel free to email me directly at frqtflyr@aol.com and I can submit more specs and a bio; if we have, please contact me ASAP :). I've already contacted a few Metro Arts people directly. But I need metro contacts (or at least tourism and/or PR) contacts for the following cities or their countries:


Moscow, Stockholm, Singapore, Vienna, Buenos Aires, Paris, Lisbon and Brussels. I'll go to the Tripatini individual destination groups as well. But any immediate contacts are greatly appreciated! :)



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  • Thanks. It's going out now -- let me know how it works for you.



  • Jordan,


    Happy to post as a Journalist Alert on TravMedia.


    Just let me know.





    • Hi Mark. Yes, thanks, that would be wonderful. As I'm traveling (and will be in transit all day Monday---three flights!), I won't have time for a back-and-forth exchange. And for European/Asian contacts it's already the weekend! I've always found TravMedia invaluable for info, but frankly do forget about the Journalist Alert service.

      Although I've been in touch with a few city PR (even Metro Arts program) people, can't hurt to list the 10 cities I'm including. Don't know how lengthy the alerts can be. But here's the whole shebang (and many many thanks!):


      I have a very quick turnaround feature for AOL Travel: Top Ten Metros for Art. The cities are: NYC, L.A., Montreal, Paris, Brussels, Moscow, Buenos Aires, Stockholm, Singapore, Vienna (if I can't get info on one, Lisbon is "tied" for 10th). Ideally a Metro Arts director/spokesperson for each city would provide me with a quick overview/history of the Metro Arts program, its philosophy and mission, any ongoing/upcoming projects, selection process (commission and/or competition), and additional quotes (either the program director, or perhaps artists whose work is represented) about Public Art & Public Transportation, both in general about the topic and specific to the destination. Especially from a visitor's standpoint: what can public art in the metro tell the traveler about the city, how can it enhance the traveling experience, what is its sociocultural significance, etc?
      I'll also need images for the piece---in fact, if there are specific artworks that really exemplify the Metro Arts program's philosophy and approach, I think it could be effective to discuss 2 or 3 truly representative pieces in a bit more depth, space permitting.
      As mentioned, my deadline is quite tight---and I'm traveling, and juggling several deadlines.  So "one-stop shopping" is ideal: e-press releases and/or links, and contact info for fact-checking and in case I do have followup questions. Best to contact me directly, frqtflyr@aol.com (I can send more info, as well as bio if needed). Deadline: Tuesday April 5, 1pm ET
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