More and more, Fido and Fluffy have been coming along for the ride (and even the overnight). But if you've tried it you know how much complication and expense it can add. Here are ways to minimize both.

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Is Askal & Cavapoo Dog Breed Easy to Carry While Traveling?

Greetings!I am visiting the Philippines next month because of my official duties. I am visiting this beautiful country without my family, especially without my preteen son and daughter, and they are a little sad because of it. So, I decided to bring Askal dogs for them. Probably, many of you would call them Aspin dogs. As a family, we have never raised any dog other than Gold Retriever and bulldog, so it is the first time when we are looking for another dog. Do you think it will be easy for us…

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Which Rabbit Breed Is Easy to Carry While Traveling?

Greetings!This March, I am going for a 15 days holiday break with my daughter and husband. We are going to visit Germany this time, but my daughter also wants to carry a pet with her. My husband suggested taking a well-groomed dog with her, but she wants a small animal, and for sure, it is a bunny. Actually, her friend Nancy adopted a bunny last month, and it is also influencing her to have a bunny. Honestly, my entire family never had a bunny as a pet. So, we are not sure how we will carry a…

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6 great pet-friendly luxury hotels in England

More and more of us are traveling with our beloved pets, and fortunately the Brtis are big animal lovers. And if you rent a car and go on a road trip around England, with your family and pets, you have a good number of options, as most accommodations - from the simplest flats to elegant palaces with gardens  do welcome both four-legged guests.On the upper end of the scale, here are a half dozen outstanding luxury properties which post      

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10 tips for traveling with pets

José Balido Maybe, like more and more travellers these days, you just can’t bear to part with your furry friend for more than a day or two. Maybe Max dreams of practicing his Spanish bark. Or Patches wants to become a jet-setting Instagram influencer. Or all of the above. The good news is that travelling with your non-human family member(s) today is easier than ever, and you’re all but guaranteed the trip of your life. And, it goes without saying, priceless pics for your feed. Travel with…

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  • When we moved to Spain in early 2020, we dreamed of being able to travel Europe almost at will and especially with our rat terrier mix Papito. Now that travel is back after a year lost to the pandemic, we just made a great start in la Ville Lumière! Check out my Facebook post:
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  • Traveling thru Arkansas?  Know you are safe with us..all rooms are on the interior of building & each floor has security cameras on each end of hall.  Not to mention security cameras threw out the building inside & out!  Check out our Virtual Tour!  See for yourself!  Remember Pets wants Luxury too!!

  • The Greenwich Village Halloween Parade for people is more famous, but today was the Washington Square Park costume party for dogs. Superman Schnauzer, a collie dressed as a lion, a pug as a pirate, a bulldog bumblebee. The bulldog's owner was also dressed as a bumblebee, albeit with less success. This is my favorite doggie destination for Halloween; do you have one you like even more?
  • At the bark park today with Benny, my alter ego, I struck up a conversation with a woman who had a rare dog -- so rare that I'd never seen one before. She told me her husband had gotten the dog in England, but the carriers that serve London would not let this 3 1/2-month-old puppy fly in cabin.

    "So how'd you get your dog to New York?" I asked.

    Any guesses? (No, he didn't rent a corporate jet.)
  • Check out Kaleel Sakakeeny's blog post, featured on the Tripatini home page today, about the horrible death of those seven innocent puppies. Thank God our little guy in under 20 lbs and fits under the seat!
  • Seven puppies have died on an American Airlines flight from Tulsa to Chicago. It must have been a horrible death for them. How can we get the airlines to treat pets more humanely?
  • Looking to get started on the travel season with Fido and not sure what to take along? Need an expert opinion? Be sure to visit us and email when you need an expert. Here is our blog link:

    And some things to take along:
  • Pet owners are fed up with airline fees (I know I am!). Here's what some are resorting to!
  • And another journalist is looking for stories of pet travel gone wacky, courtesy of HARO (Help a Reporter Out)! Any takers?

    40) Summary: That's not what "Pet-Friendly" means

    Name: Harriet Baskas (
    Category: Travel


    Media Outlet:

    Deadline: 06:00 PM EST - 12 March


    Seeking (outrageous, funny, alarming) stories from hotels,
    bars/restaurants, attractions, airports, etc., where guests took
    "pet-friendly" too far. And - 'fess up - seeking stories from
    pets and their people who stretched pet-friendly while on the
  • Hey dog lovers! Any great stories of traveling with your hound? Denise Fleck with Dog Sport magazine is looking for anecdotes for a story (see below). If you write to Denise, please mention your involvement with the Pets on the Go! group on!

    Traveling with Your Dog

    Name: Denise Fleck (Dog Sport Magazine)
    Category: Travel


    Media Outlet: Dog Sport Magazine

    Deadline: 12:00 PM EST - 9 March


    What is your favorite method of traveling with your dog...plane,
    train, ship or automobile and how do you prepare you dog for such
    an adventure? What do you wish you had brought along that would
    have made the trip more enjoyable for your dog? What is your
    favorite destination, and what is there for your dog to do at
    this location? Any special stories about traveling with your
    dog? Thanks for sharing.
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